Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten


Kade couldn't have had a better 1st day of school! We love, love,......love his teacher.  I think Kade is already her favorite, how could he not be.  Miss Cami gave him a job, his number one job is to be the big leader in his class.  Kade you are a natural leader, I hope you always use your leader skills to draw people nearer to your Heavenly Father. 


Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Kade!!

I can't believe how fast 6 years have come and vanished. Time can be a ticking annoyance, it needs to slow down and allow me to soak in every fiber of his innocent spirit. Listening to his jumbled made up words brings an increased jubilation in my life. Kade you have such a willing heart to serve and make those around you feel Heavenly Fathers love.

This year for Kaden's Birthday Party I took the boys on "The Great Frog Hunt." Kade has anticipated his 6th birthday for nearly a year. Crazy I know, this eager little boy can't wait to be big like his cousin Luke

I asked Kade where we could find frog nets, he replied "Mom, Wal-Mart!" I guess they sell everything. He was right, we purchased two overpriced cheap green frog nets. He invited a few friends and we set off on our adventure. First we had to climb over a fence that was labeled private property. Rules are meant to be broken! The boys couldn't wait to capture those frogs. Avery had this image in her world, that she was going to find lots of pinky froggies.


This little girl in a pink skirt trying to keep up with four boys is seared in my bank of memories, priceless.


The boys discovered a few army supplies. I allowed their imaginations to create their own war zone right in the middle of a large empty wheat field. They found a broken down missile, army base, collapsed wooden shanty, and empty .22 shells.


We finally arrived at "The Frog" pond. This is a perfect pond, after a 35 min hike/walk to it you come up over a hill and there it is, nestled away with perfection. I visited it often growing up. It is filled with lilly pads with frogs perched on top of them.


The best discovery of all was a hidden fort, the dream of every American boy. I wanted to drift back to the innocent age of 9 and spend my summer days building and fixing this fort. A tree had grown over the silver pond, with the set of ideal branches to build a tree hut right over the water.....sigh only in dreams this is possible. This was I'm sure, the best summer vacation for a group of farm boys. It was a modern Swiss Robinson tree hut. They had a built a flawless platform for a hammock, Ladder, swing with perfect knots to climb back up after they plopped their overheated bodies in the murky silver blue pond. I can only imagine the color of the water being a result of the release of clay minerals. They had carried in sand for the perfect beach area, It was small, but as a child it was flawless. I longed for Kade and a bunch of his friends to spend their summer days creating lasting memories that would take a lifetime to fade away.

They found a forest, they called it the "Broken down forest." I sat down and watched as four boys lived a scene right out of Peter Pan. Their imaginations were beautiful they had all sorts of ideas of what went on in this forest. They came to the conclusion that there must be hidden trolls, goblins a few fairies for Averys liking.

The adventure ended with zero frogs, but memories that will last for years to come.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Yellowstone Hess Family Reunion

A Summer without a trip to Yellowstone and Jackson doesn't seem right. The whole Hess crew was there. We stayed in West Yellowstone and bunkered down for a week.

Mammoth Hot Springs is something I only need to see every half a century. It's a long drive, stuck behind people who move as slow as a tortoise.

The lower Falls.
We Hiked Mt. Washburn. Kaden was our " Mountain Goat", he was the first one to get to the top. It's a 3 mile Hike one way. Kyle would ask him if he wanted to take a a rest and drink some water. Kade would reply, " No, that would make us take longer."

All I wanted to see was a Moose and Kyle wanted to see a wolf, it wasn't meant to be. We saw a lot of Buffalo, elk, and Bald Eagles.
The Grand beautify of the Teton Mountains always amazes me. The whole family went on a river raft ride down the Snake River. Kade was worried that we would dive off a huge waterfall. He has such an adventurous spirit.
What melts a heart more than a Daddy and his little girl. These pictures speak love, happiness, cherished, jubilation and perfection.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Killing Secrets

The squeaking was faint, but discernable enough to wake the man.  He laid motionless, listening as it grew louder and more confident.  He fought back the emotions trying to rouse his body.  It was not uncommon for strange noises to echo through the walls of the old house, but this was different.  They seemed self aware, like they were trying to avoid detection.  His wife rustled beside him.  He could ignore it no longer. . . .

Check out the rest of my new short story Killing Secrets here

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Poem


In the journey of life I came upon a space
which rudely held for me, an agonizing place.
After searching I found piece of solid stone
and a note that read, “Make something of your own”.

It stood so large, yet devoid of all remorse.
My hammer made no cracks, regardless of its force.
After hours of failing, I laid down my tools and asked,
“Why oh why, was I charged with such an impossible task?”

“This stone is meant for changing, but not the kind you seek.”
“For you should know by now that perfect cannot be tweaked.”
“Perfect?” I doubted,   “So then what would you have me do?”
“As it has done to the greatest of us, you let the truth mold you.”

“Truth?” I scoffed, “A stone so ugly couldn't hold something so dear.”
“If you look with the eyes I gave you, you’ll have no reason to fear.”
Then I saw a beauty that caused a change deep inside my heart,
for when seen through Godly eyes, the truth makes all into His art.

             -Kyle Hess           

Friday, April 8, 2011

Before & After: Pretty and Pink bathroom

During the messy processes.

The bathroom is done....it was no easy task. Kyle did most of it, ok all of it! He took a sledge hammer to the pretty pink walls for hours and hours. I packed up the kids and left, it was L*O*U*D. I know this vintage pink bathroom is all the rage/trend right now. I didn't love it. I tried. There is a blog dedicated to saving pink bathrooms, they would be so disappointed in me. check it out here. If you have one of the lucky 5 million homes built with a pink bathroom between 1946-1966. You may just want to preserve each and every tile, you can sell them for good money. Don't mind the disgusting dirty water in the tub, it wouldn't drain and there was a slow drip in the faucet.

This is the end result. They pictures aren't the greatest, color is off on a few but you get the point. I love the new updated look.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kade was ecstatic when I picked him up from pre-school yesterday.  He couldn't wait to show me his trap, that is a " Leprechaun trap." He is 100% confident that he is going to show up today and have a Leprechaun caught. I couldn't tell him it is just pretend, he would be crushed.  He couldn't stop talking about this Leprechaun and all the wishes he is going to ask him.  After I put him to bed I heard him for 45 minutes talking about his Leprechaun.  He would burst out with laughter thinking about his sweet little green Leprechaun.  I sure hope Miss May, doesn't disappoint this very eager little man today.   Last night I went to his room to make sure he was snug and tight in bed, and one last kiss of course. What I found was priceless,  Kade had his bed made, pillows placed perfectly on top.  He was on top of the bed completely dressed, green shirt, jeans, socks and shoes ready to go see his Leprechaun.  There wasn't going to be anytime to was today.  He is driving me a little crazy this morning. "Mom how much longer, how many more minutes, can we go to school yet?"  Happy Saint Patricks Day, Kade! We are the luckiest parents to have you in our family.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Future Optimist!!

Initially you might think this person is crazy, but if you look deeper you're likely to find an optimist.

"Just put it in the passenger's seat," that was the comment that made me laugh. . . Hard.  That was her suggestion. "Just push back the seat all the way and slide it in."  Oh, it was so funny, I couldn't stop.  Rarely do I laugh because though MaRea has many strange ideas they're normally pretty good.  I continued this for a few minutes insisting that it would never fit, but she wouldn't budge.  She didn't doubt her idea, in fact she started giggling at my reaction.  After a few minutes of dragging my feet and her repeated insistence that I measure, I agreed.

We got to this point because I was nervous about loading a refrigerator and a dishwasher home from SLC that we bought on KSL.com.  I brought up the problem with space in the bed of the truck due to its CNG tank.  At that point she made the laughable suggestion to "just put it in the passenger's seat", it, being the dishwasher.

I couldn't wait to confirm the ridiculousness of her suggestion, but as I measured the opening of the passenger's door that terrible feeling bubbled up as my inner most demon.  I could be wrong.  It was close. . . too close.  In fact if I had to make it fit I probably could have.  Disheveled, I meandered back inside to mumble my findings.  After a humbling moment of listening to her gloat she suggested I measure the bed of the truck just to make sure.  I, of course, rejected saying both would not fit.  Well they did, and I got both the dishwasher and the fridge home without incident.

During this moment I realized how deeply rooted a pessimist I am, and I hated it.  Both times MaRea made her suggestions I didn't even consider that either may work, I just began rationalizing why neither would work.  I didn't even consider if my reasoning was truthful.   It was amazing, for the first time I clearly understood how my brain works. What a debilitating syndrome!!  Only when I have successfully passed through every negative scenario, especially though fabricated in my mind, will I proceed on a given path.  At that moment I lamented all the possible opportunities I've missed out on because of my predetermined pessimism.  Likewise, I can easily look back at the good in my life and attribute where I allowed optimism to rule.  So here's to going forward as an optimist and asking without shame, WHY NOT!!

P.S. If you are wanting to make the change a good idea is to surround yourself with optimists.  If you're lucky, like me, you married one, if not they are always easy to spot (just don't honk at them, it could be dangerous).

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dirty Dishes??

( Buy at Lowe's in the paint section)

Have you been cursing your dishwasher? It's not your dishwasher. In July they started a ban in sixteen states of the sale of dishwasher detergent that contains high levels of phosphates. The environmentalist thought it was best to keep our dishes dirty. States instituting the rule include Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. If there is a way around government control I will find it. I planed a trip across the broder to buy some detergent that actually cleans the dishes. Come to find out, most of the dishwasher detergents have taken all the phosphate out of their detergent, making them worthless. Cascade is the worst. I'm sure the government paid them millions of dollars to do so.

Solution, to your dirty dishes awaits you in Lowe's paint aisle. It is Called TSP. Add a teaspoon of powder in with your detergent. If you use powdered detergent put in 1/3 cup and mix it in. Play around with how much works best with your detergent and dishwasher. Everyone head on over to Lowe's and buy as much TSP that will fit in your over sized SUV;)! I will make sure my fellow Tea Party buddies receive a nicely wrapped box of TSP on their doorstep. I plan on being a human billboard for this solution. Once the word gets out, sales volume of TSP is going to sky rocket. If you disagree with the use of TSP you are welcome to come and pre wash all my dishes before I put them in the dishwasher.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day was the best day of the year! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. The sun was out, my kids had smiles on their faces, children giggling, and we each had our own sled. Old Main Hill is no small sledding hill, I had small butterflies in my stomach. Kade had the time of his life. He got a little tired walking up the huge hill. He slept good Monday night. Avery would say, "again again" with a excitement in her voice. Kyle was extremely good looking on that warm day, I caught myself checking him out several times!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm An Addict

My addiction is out of control, I find it controlling my thoughts as I'm drifting to sleep, I can't wait to get my next fix, it calms my nerves, I'm instantly wearing a massive smile when I enter. I wonder if they have a thrift store anonymous counseling group,....Ok I don't think I need to go to that level of therapy yet. It all started years and years ago visiting the DI with my Aunt Lillian, she is the most talented thrift store shopper I know. I knew I was addicted to thrift stores when I had gone twice within a 24 hour period. I had positioned and item a certain way when I left, when I went back the next day it had not been touched. Savers in SLC is one of my favorite thrift stores. Personally I think the DI is way overpriced. Several times I have bargained a better price on an item at the DI, it's true, and I'm not ashamed of it. I could do without the smell that permeates through every thrift store I have entered, the price I pay to find an antique chair. I can't decide if it's the best therapy I have, or if I need therapy for an excessive shopping addiction:). I will go with, its outstanding personal therapy that is practically free, ok almost;)! Who else is addicted?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Adorable Valentines

Kade has been ecstatic about going to his Valentines Party at school for three weeks. He couldn't wait to get in his "Handsome Clothes." I must say he is one Handsome little man. I hate how fast he is growing up. Avery got dressed up in her Valentines best to take daddy out on a Valentines lunch date, so cute. She has become completely insane over dresses and pink,.....sigh! I have to convince this little one that other colors are pink like, red. I lie to her. I figure I can fix whatever damage I do. Her colors might not be spot on after I convince her of how versatile the color pink can be. This cheesy grin smiley is so typical of our Avery. We are absolutely in love with our Valentines. Happy Valentines week, you know it last all week, every good holiday does!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day Poem: To MaRea


Empires have crumbled beyond utter demise,
Based on the potential of Its most glorious prize.
Others have risen above all else imaginable,
Hoping to grasp just a portion of what’s possible.
Great rulers have kneeled with heads hanging low,
To honor the glory of Its wondrous glow.

The heartless have climbed mountainous peaks,
Looking for the change their void-filling seeks.
The world has been searched from end to end,
For the soul healing power, It has to lend.
Yet It has never hidden nor does It deny,
The willing and able to stand by its side.

To the Greatest, It came easiest of all
And for It He suffered, to His Father he did call.
Though by Itself, It occasionally stands,
It will soon be met by those glorious Hands.
It is the purpose of life and also life’s cause,
To become who He expects during this fleeting pause.

But somehow you’ve obtained more than the limit,
And spread It freely without exhaustion or benefit.
As a benefactor of your perfectly endless supply,
My muscles are strengthened, my head is held high.
Because I know I’m worthy of Eternity’s only reward,
I will dream big, for everything is what Love can afford.

-Love Kyle

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today's Project: Toning & Glazing Cabinets

After removing, cleaning and sanding lightly our cabinets looked like this

Then with a somewhat intimidating round of spraying toner to add color we had this:

Then after a coat of polyurethane dried, we added the glaze.  We still have a few more coats of polyurethane to go.  And with a lot more practice the rest will look even better!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

I know MaRea is crazy because. . .

She gets nervous during the holidays that family activities will prevent her from doing this:

Or at 10:30 at night she decides to do this: 

Or she strips wallpaper in a house with no heat and outside temps below freezing . . .
Or she leaves the house close to midnight to deliver a few coupons. . .
Or she stays awake because she is too excited about applying labels to everything. . . 

And I love her craziness because without it our house wouldn't look like  . . .  (pics pending completion)

I read Nie