Friday, April 8, 2011

Before & After: Pretty and Pink bathroom

During the messy processes.

The bathroom is was no easy task. Kyle did most of it, ok all of it! He took a sledge hammer to the pretty pink walls for hours and hours. I packed up the kids and left, it was L*O*U*D. I know this vintage pink bathroom is all the rage/trend right now. I didn't love it. I tried. There is a blog dedicated to saving pink bathrooms, they would be so disappointed in me. check it out here. If you have one of the lucky 5 million homes built with a pink bathroom between 1946-1966. You may just want to preserve each and every tile, you can sell them for good money. Don't mind the disgusting dirty water in the tub, it wouldn't drain and there was a slow drip in the faucet.

This is the end result. They pictures aren't the greatest, color is off on a few but you get the point. I love the new updated look.

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