Monday, February 16, 2009

Last Three Months

Avery before trying her first round of carrots.

Avery after trying carrots, I guess we will wait a bit longer!!

Kyle thinks this picture is so funny of her, I don't know why?

Avery's number one fan, her cousin Brynlee

Avery showing off her cute dress from Melissa C.

Kyle reading stories before bedtime. Carson and Brynlee always join in when they're around

Kade's first attempt at skiing. We tried a few small hills at the farm, then just went back and forth on the lane. He did great for his first time, but he was too distracted by his cousins feeding the fish in the pond.

Here's the gun we heard about for 2 months prior to Shristmas. He kept telling us that Santa was going to bring him a "little gun with something in it to shoot monsters and bad guys."

Grandma Thatcher passed out tiny trees for all the kids to decorate. He became very involved in this.

The burning of the tree this year was great. Though we only had one tree, the flames were spectacular and before going to bed around 2 am we noticed that the rest of the pile had caught on fire. Good thing it was foggy that night or someone would have call the fire department about the 25 foot flames.

Kade, Thatcher and Carson getting ready for a ride behind the four wheeler.

We think she's quite cute, don't you?

I read Nie