Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day Poem: To MaRea


Empires have crumbled beyond utter demise,
Based on the potential of Its most glorious prize.
Others have risen above all else imaginable,
Hoping to grasp just a portion of what’s possible.
Great rulers have kneeled with heads hanging low,
To honor the glory of Its wondrous glow.

The heartless have climbed mountainous peaks,
Looking for the change their void-filling seeks.
The world has been searched from end to end,
For the soul healing power, It has to lend.
Yet It has never hidden nor does It deny,
The willing and able to stand by its side.

To the Greatest, It came easiest of all
And for It He suffered, to His Father he did call.
Though by Itself, It occasionally stands,
It will soon be met by those glorious Hands.
It is the purpose of life and also life’s cause,
To become who He expects during this fleeting pause.

But somehow you’ve obtained more than the limit,
And spread It freely without exhaustion or benefit.
As a benefactor of your perfectly endless supply,
My muscles are strengthened, my head is held high.
Because I know I’m worthy of Eternity’s only reward,
I will dream big, for everything is what Love can afford.

-Love Kyle


MaRea Hess said...
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Lindsey Smith said...

Thanks for making me cry too:) We just love you guys, you really are our best friends! We R so luck y to call you guys friends and family!!!! That was beautiful Kyle:)

emily ballard said...

awesome, kyle.

sidandlindaadventures said...

Kyle, how true it is that you never cease to amaze! Your capacity of feeling, understanding and expression abound. How blessed we are to know and associate with you.

Hess said...

Thanks, for making me cry on this Beautiful Valentines Day! Your talent and love never ceases to amaze me. I'm the luckiest girl to call you mine:)!!!

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