Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kade's Long Awaited Halloween Party!!

Kade has been waiting, and waiting for his special Halloween dinner party for all his buddies. We started planning and talking about it way to early. It was one solid month of getting asked everyday how many days until his party. Kade and all of his friends had a blast.

These are some of the fun treats they had to eat. The eyeballs are doughnut holes dipped in white chocolate stabbed with a fork, Carmel apples, and creature cupcakes.

My mom dressed up as a which. She was such a fantastic witch, the kids loved her.

Kade insisted I be a Pirate too, this is the best picture I have.

The Haunted Mansion Dinner party for all the boys. It turned out great we got black plastic table wrap and made a little room, lighted some candles, and turned on the fogger, I forgot the scary music:(!

They loved the fake bloody hand.

They each got their own mummy goblet. I went through three sets of goblets to find the perfect ones, I love them!

Eyeballs and spaghetti, they actually tasted really good too! You just put a green olive in the middle of the eye ball.

The pirate host, this little man was in heaven all day!

Megatron, played by Max.

The one and the only Mr. Incredible, played by Jack.

The deadly Dracula, played by Ryland. He was so worried that his face paint was just perfect.

Indiana Jones, played by Carson.

The famous Magician, played by James.

Optimus Prime, played by Tyler.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

San Diego

We took a quick Trip to San Diego last week. Angie had school off, Kyle was home sick, I was feeling sick, why not drive 13 hours to San Diego and stay for the week. That is what we did. I've heard you recover 10 times faster on the beach with the warm sun, that is just what I have heard! There were a few times Kyle and I looked at each other and said "What were we thinking." The drive was long at times, I hate driving! The sound of whining, screaming kids makes me want to end the trip all to soon. Actually they were really good, Avery cried or screamed for a few minutes then feel asleep. Once we got to San Diego it was worth all the driving!

The San Diego Temple is my new favorite. It is actually more impressive inside than out. If your in the area make some time to go, its amazing! We decided to take Kade and show him the temple, I think he liked it. When ever I ask him what we do in the temple he always says " Mommy's and Daddy's dance!" I don't know where he gets that, I didn't teach it to him. It must be the pretty dresses I where to attend the temple??

Avery never seems to care to look at the camera.

Me, Angie, and my mom. My mom is such a trooper she will go on any trip at the last minute and make the trip a blast. I think she likes us too:)!

Enjoying some beach time, you can always find time for the beach in San Diego!

Kyle, Kade, and Avery building a sand castle. Actually Avery just wrecked their castle every time. She is starting to do this dinosaur scream if she doesn't get what she wants. We don't know how to stop it, we don't want a spoiled princess who cries over everything. We need to change something, and change it fast!

Kade loved all the sand goodies we found at the house. Ashlee look, the purple sand castle is still alive, it was a great addition to toys. Thanks for spending all morning looking for the perfect one!
I thought this was so cute. Kyle tried to get Avery to smell the flowers. These flowers have no smell to them, very disappointing.

We found a great new Breakfast place to eat at, really Shari found it but we enjoyed it!

I wanted to get some family pictures on the beach, I had it all planned out perfect! There was this thick layer of fog covering the shore line. We tried to get a few cute pics, but failed due to the horrible fog! Maybe next time?

I look at this picture and think that's my boy, Kade's personality is that picture to a T.

We went down to the Lamp district to find a great place to eat.

Kyle taking some pictures of us eating at Pink Berry. It was the first time I had eaten Pink Berry, the place is way to overrated! It was good, but I wouldn't stand in line for an hour or even 10 min.

This chair was to cool at Pink Berry to not get a picture of it.

The lovely couple we went to chaperon, not really! Angie and her boyfriend, I know its weird to say it let alone hear it. They're a fun couple.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This is a late post, better late than never!  We had a great time in California Kade doesn't stop talking about San Diego, Max and his cousins.   I  don't know how many times I have heard " Mommy when can we go back to San Diego!  I guess I don't blame him we might have to take a trip back soon.

Kade thought the ghost was "SO COOL"

This was Kade's Favorite part of Legoland, mini world!  He couldn't get enough of all the small airplanes, people, buildings, cars, and lakes.

This Dragon and Volvo car were really cool.  Everything is made 100% out of legos.  Gives me a headache just thinking about the chore!

We didn't know that the kids needed swimming suits, so we stripped them to their underwear and let them loose.  They had so much fun I could have cared less.  Kade even had his underwear on backward, actually come to think of it they,  were his 2 year old cousin Logan's underwear.  I'm just glad he can dress himself.

We were so sad to have to leave Legoland.  We could have stayed for another 8 hours playing.  If you are ever in San Diego it is a must do,  I like it better than Disneyland.

Playing on the beach as the sunset!


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