Monday, August 3, 2009

Carmel, really?

This was the day after, nasty!

I have grown a whole new level of compassion, understanding, and empathy for people who have suffered from any type of burn. How can such a small burn cause such exquisite pain!

Angie, Lindsey, and I decided to make Carmel corn. There is nothing better than filling the kitchen with laughter, love, stories, jokes, fighting and each other! While the desired treat of the week is on its count down to be devoured by the herds " Thatcher crew". These are the moments I want to freeze in time! This treat didn't quite make it to the feeding troff, we burned the carmel, ok I burned the carmel.

Lindsey and I were pouring out the carmel to make a new batch, as I saw a large piece fall, ever so slowly, to scorch several layers of skin off my foot. As I watched the carmel drop, I remember thinking, "this is going to burn, MOVE YOUR FOOT!!" I didn't move it, the pain set in! I was in idiot mode; of course the sink was full of dirty dishes. I couldn't relive the burning sensation with running my foot under the faucet. I grabbed as much water as I could hold in the cup of my hand and threw it on my foot, really what was I thinking, that was not going to stop the boiling carmel from continuing to cook my foot. Lindsey, Angie, and Melissa had potatoes peeled, and a bucket of ice before I got my 2nd tsp of water to stop the burning. They were amazing I had peeled potatoes on my foot in a matter of 20 seconds. They were peeling them so fast their knuckles were bleeding!

The best part of the night was a few minutes after the HUGE commotion, Brent and Kyle walk in wondering what was taking so long. After they accessed the situation, Brent says, " So, you burnt the carmel!" We never got around to making the 2nd batch, the night suddenly turned into a "potato rotation party." They all took turns peeling and rotating a new batch of raw potatoes every 5 minutes for my new-blistered foot. Lesson learned, move your foot when you see smoldering hot lava, descending to rest on your foot!

This is 11 days after, you would think that it would heal faster, not so! I always thought I had such cute feet..., I know a little vain. Feet are wonderful you can be 9 months pregnant, fat, and ugly but, your feet can always be cute! Now that me foot will be scared, maybe I will start to love my elbows?

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