Friday, May 30, 2008

Read It!!

One of Kyle's dreams is to write a book; personally I couldn't think of anything more miserable English 2010 on my mind everyday!! Aren't we glad that some people find writing fun and relaxing? This is the first part of the story you can find the rest of the nail biting fiction on his blog.

Fiction: Part 1

The silence this night was like a piercing blade run through his soul. He searched the corridors of his mind looking for a way to break it. He could find nothing. As he continued searching for what to say he found a spot on the slow turning ceiling fan above the bed. He followed it around and around. He started counting the revolutions of the blade, 5… 6… 7… It felt crucial that he not loose track of the spot and for those few moments the silence was gone. Then just as he reached twenty revolutions she let out a sigh and rolled over. With that little movement it returned. He knew she was telling him that she was not done. That she felt the silence too. She would not allow him to be distracted. She would not allow him to ignore what he has to do. But why do I always have to do it he thought, why am I always the one in the wrong. His mind played over the reasons why she was being unreasonable. It was obvious as he examined the moment in his mind that he was victim and she was the perpetrator. It was not his responsibility to break the silence, it was hers. Relief came over him. He was vindicated knowing that it was up to her to find the words. With his new found acquittal he rolled over and allowed his mind to begin to shut down.

After another ten minutes had passed the blanket and sheet flew up where his wife was laying and as quickly as he could turn to see her she left the room. He sat up and heard the garage door open and the car start.

Are you kidding me he thought how could she be so immature. Why can’t she just admit that she is wrong and apologize?

This was the first time she had left the house during an argument. He sat up in bed analyzing the situation. Should he try and find her? Should he wait it out? He stood up slipped on his flip flops and grabbed an old high school t-shirt from the closet. With little hope he decided to try and find her. He backed out of the driveway and turned towards the highway. When he reached the stop sign he decided to turn south thinking that she went to the grocery store. With a lurch the 2000 Toyota Camry engaged it six cylinders and sped towards the store five miles ahead.

He spent the 5 minutes thinking about their argument. He still was having a difficult time accepting any responsibility. He could not understand why she would be so mad. She knew he loved her, didn’t she? Then why would she take so much offense. As the lights from the store grew brighter he realized that it would be up to him to apologize or this would not go away like it normally does. He noticed some flashing lights in front of the store. At first sight he thought they were the street lights flashing red during the midnight hours then he noticed the blue mixed with the red and his heart sank. He felt like his soul was sucked out of him with a high powered vacuum. His eyes frantically searched the cars ahead looking for the white BMW she loved so much. All he could see was the three cop cars, and the two ambulances which seemed to be blocking another car.

His mind now racing through every possible scenario but they all came back to one, it was her car. He approached the cop directing the minimal traffic and leaned forward with his face directly above the steering wheel. The second he drew even with the cop he could see the scene. He felt the blood leave his body and his face turn pale white. The 03 BMW was on his back with driver’s side completely demolished. With no feeling he slammed the Toyota in park and jumped out. Examining the wreckage he saw a SUV with the engine sitting in the front cab. At the back of one of the ambulances he noticed a pair of teenagers being attended by a police officer.

“Where is she? What happened? Is she ok?” he shouted at the officer.

She pointed to the second ambulance and with sympathy said, “She’s over there.”

All he could do was hope for anything but the worst. But as he approached the ambulance he heard the familiar sound of beep, beep turn to one long beep.

He knew what it meant. She was gone and he just missed her. He turned around and looked up into the back of the ambulance. The two paramedics looked back at him and then at each other. Without a word they both stepped outside the ambulance. Mack stepped up and saw her eyes looking up but seeing nothing. Every emotion he had ever felt came bubbling over at once. All he could do was hold her. As he placed his cheek on hers he felt his tears pass down his face to hers. “No, No, No” were the only words he could find.

“Excuse me, Mr. Williams,” said a rusty voice from behind him. The old sheriff took off his stiff brimmed hat and bowed his head. “Mr. Williams, we tried everything we could, you have our deepest sympathies.”

Mack could barely make out the face of the sheriff through his watery eyes, but through his tone he felt the sheriff's sincerity.

“But we were able to save her,” and the sheriff passed along a bundle of blankets which muffled the whimpering coming from inside.

Stay tuned.....

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Is there anything cuter than a little boy and his dad fishing? This is one of those weird dreams I've had since a I was young, the day my husband would take my boy fishing. I promised Kaden as we were driving to the hospital when he broke his arm last week that if he was really tuff his dad would take him fishing.
Kyle being bugged at me for not getting the perfect picture the frist shot. Kaden looks great!
Kaden at Walmart picking out his fishing pole. We ended up tricking him into getting they non spiderman one. The one we picked for him was a little big, we should have listened to him.
These two pictures were worth the whole fishing trip. It doesn't get any better than this. I am so greatful for all the amazing things that surround us in this world. I love doing anything as long as it is outside.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Anyone in need of some SUPPORT!!!

Ok, so this post really isn't for men, but it could possibly help you be more sympathetic to the women in your lives that deal with larger than normal BOOBS. This could also make a great gift for your wife. Claim that you researched the best sports bra for hours and this is what you found. She will thank you for years to come.

I am always jealous of those women who can maintain not tripling in cup size within the first few weeks of pregnancy. I am sorry to say but one of the worst parts of pregnancy is your boobs getting HUGE. I can deal with feeling like I want to puke while I am working out from morning sickness, I can't handle the girls everywhere!!! I found the solution I promise it will work. I had come to the point that I was going to duck tape myself to get the support I needed. When you get this sports bra in the mail you will be amazed, I am sure they needed a chemical engineer to design this baby. Once you put it on you will not want to take it off, the girls are almost non existent you could do jumping jacks for hours and feel great. Drum roll please..... The bra is called the Nike full control women’s sports bra. It retails for $60 but you can find it on eBay for around $24 and that is with shipping. Let me know how your lives have been changed mine sure has!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

What Luck!!!

Just as I was settling back in front of my computer after our monthly company lunch, which was upgraded from Costco pre-made sandwiches to Cafe Rio, I received a phone call from MaRea.

"Kaden just broke his arm," she said it surprising calm considering she nearly fainted Sunday after he cut open his head.

"You're kidding right?" I asked.

"No it's just hanging there."

"So what happened?"

"We were at the park and he was climbing up the ladder to the slide and somehow fell off."

This was the very same park where Kaden played for an hour the night before with nearly 30 teenagers. Starting to worry that MaRea needed some direction I said.

"You need to take him in."

"We're already in the car. I'm not waiting around for you." said MaRea slightly annoyed.

So maybe that wasn't the most useful bit of instructions at the time but it was all I could think to say. I called a couple of clinics and told Lindsey where I would meet them. As I sat in car driving the 30 miles my stomach turned at the thought of my little boy suffering. I was relieved that family and good neighbors were willing to step up and help without being asked.

I walked around the corner and saw my son in the arms of his mother. The band aid covering his two stitches, the dried blood at the corners of his mouth (he used his tongue as a mouth guard) and the arm making a strange angle just before the wrist gave the impression that he had refused to share his toys with the wrong 5 year old. His eyes were aware that dad was there and a calm feeling came into the room. I took him and held him close.

After a few x-rays the doctor at the clinic sent us to the orthopedic specialist in Provo, which was overly cautious since he said told us to leave the splint on and return in a week to see if it needs a hard cast. Linda and Angie had previously made plans to come visit the EM crew (the Smith's and us) and we returned from Provo just in time to eat an early dinner. I sat in the restaurant looking across at my soon to be 3 year old son with a bruised and stitched forehead and a Snoopy sling holding his broken arm and I felt happy to be a dad.

I took Jack and Kade home with me and the girls stayed out for a movie. After Kade woke from his 2 hour nap Riley gave him some pudding.

As he was eating Riley asked "What is that?" pointing to something stuck on his now filthy shirt.

I made a quick examination and replied "Oh it's a mint from dinner, what else would you expect on a day like this."

Less than 24 hours after breaking his arm

Kaden and Jack were playing outside in the water, so we decided to get out the pool. Water was in the pool Jack had already been undressed and released and playing in the water. I look over at Kaden and the thought that I had been worrying was present. There’s nothing better than the summer and a broken arm in a cast. I figured a roll of plastic wrap will do the trick. His cast stayed pretty dry and Kaden was still able to enjoy himself in the sun. What a fun summer we have ahead of us. Stinky, rotten, and moldy cast. I am hoping when he goes to see the doctor again in a week that he can get a water proof cast.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Boys will be boys!!!

" I think I am going to pass out." That is what I said Sunday night around 9:00 pm first of all why do all bad things happen on the weekend after 8:00. That leaves you with the option of the Emergency room, oh yea there's nothing else. Unless you are lucky enough to have a family member as a doctor, Angie I'm still holding on hope for you to bring one of those to the family.

So Lauren brought Kaden into the Kitchen with blood all over his face. I can hardly write about it I'm getting way too emotional. It looked really bad; there was a hole in his head. It took about 10 seconds standing by him and I felt like I was going to pass out or puke. Is there a worse feeling in the world? He was such a strong little boy. Kade cried for five minutes then he was done crying. We put him in the car to go to the emergency room he was a sleep before we got out of the driveway. Can I just say I HATE the ER. How is it they can charge $850 to look at a little boy for five minutes? That was our last excursion to the ER, which was on Sunday and after 8:00 pm. The front desk had no idea what I would be billed for I said "I can walk out of here in 20 minutes and 3 stitches and it could cost me $1200." The answer was yes. The prices they can charge, HOLLY SHI____ . That being said after talking to my mom's best friend who is a nurse said he would be fine we decided to wait and take him to our pediatrician in the morning.

Kyle took work off and we took Kaden in at 9:00 and he just said over and over “mommy the doctor going make me feel better, Daddy doctor going make me feel better." He was really tough. I had to leave because I was getting way too nauseated. He came out with two stitches and one sucker. When we got in the car he said “I so mad" I asked him why and he said” the doctor took all my suckers" He wanted more than one at least three. He said " I want to eat them all myself." My child is selfish what can I say, but smart too. The day ended with two doctor visits, one sucker, two stitches, one shot, and a baby sister. I guess not so bad.

Guess what???

Due Date

The lying has stopped, we're pregnant!!! Don't feel bad if I have bold faced lied to you several times. I even lied to the bishop’s wife, but honestly people should'nt ask that question. We wanted to wait until we knew what we were having. We went to the Doctor today, it's a GIRL. Kaden has been telling us for months that he is having a baby sister. He wakes up in the morning and says “I dream about my baby sister." He always ends the conversation with "she's pretty." I hope he tells her she's pretty forever.

This pregnancy has been totally different from my first. I don't know if this is common but my first trimester I thought I was going to die every time I ate anything, I wanted to die!!! I am happy to say I can eat most things now and not feel like my insides are going to explode. I feel like I always have a headache. I tell myself "drink more water, drink more water." Then I need to camp out in the bathroom. I am at the point of wanting a catheter at night.

The doctor that I have been planning on using even way before I got pregnant didn't work out. Our insurance changed and her office is way too far. I was left not knowing where to find a doctor. As lame as this sounds I started calling all of the doctors in the yellow pages, how sad is that. We meet our doctor for the first time today. Let me just say HELP!!!! He is not my secret crush, There is only one Dr. Hiener. Give me suggestions on who you know that is wonderful, I prefer a midwife, but I am open for any suggestions. I can handle a man if all the women clam that there is no better OBGYN in the world, or even in SLC.

Friday, May 2, 2008

I have not only enjoyed the company of an amazing woman, but I have also have great friends in my life. It is quite exciting seeing the successes in their lives and you find yourself cheering for them. On Wednesday night MaRea and I were able to slip away from our babysitting duties (we were watching my brother's kids all week) and head to my good friend Steve's new restaurant. In the heart of downtown Ogden across from the new movie theaters the location is prime. I was able to eat there once before and enjoyed one of the most amazing rib eye steaks. MaRea has also had their Carne Asado tacos and her mouth is still watering. I am used to sloppy burritos and cheap salsa for Mexican food so it is nice to Mexician cuisine. I had the Carne Asada with a side of fried plantains and some Doraditos for an appetizer. Don't be fooled this isn't cheap Mexican, it is a little more expensive, but well worth it. I couldn't be more excited for how the restaurant turned out and I know its quality will make it very successful. So the next time you are in Ogden give it a try. Trust me you won't be disappointed. Check out the website.

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