Monday, September 29, 2008

Avery Eliza Hess

After much debate (and nearly a full day without a name) we decided to name Hess child #2 Avery Eliza Hess. She was born Friday 9/26 at 9:50 in the morning. Coming in at an astounding 6 lbs 2 0z and 19 inches long she seemed a bit undersized for a Hess child, but we wouldn't have her any other way. After an early morning call (6:00 am) to the hospital we gathered our things, dropped Kade off at the his Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Riley's house, then we hurried to the hospital where things were quickly prepped and MaRea was sent off to surgery to get her spinal block. After a few minutes of anxious waiting I was called into the room where she was ready to go.

MaRea's last pre-birth photo, waiting to go into surgery

The doctor's gloved up and started cutting. As they worked their way to the urteris we were nervous that I'd miss them extracting the baby (I chose to not watch Kaden be pulled from inside and we both regretted it) so MaRea commanded me to rise and start snapping photos. I made it just in time and watched as the docter reached inside my wife to pull out our daughter.

Our midwife holding her just after her birth.

On the cleaning table the nurses really worked her over. As she was screaming from the three sets of hands rubbing her down, and the constant flashes of my camera the docters were sewing up MaRea.

During the after birth scrubdown

Unlike Kaden, I was able to stay with MaRea as they finished stitching her up. It was nice to be there with her and I know she preffered to be with both of us, instead of waiting alone for nearly an hour to see her daughter.

Our first family photo

The two most beautiful females in the world!!

Kaden has been excited to see his baby sister. Since we told him he'd be sharing a room with her he's been excited to meet her. For the last couple of months he's been saving his popcorn, gummy vitamins, fruit snacks and just about any other treat for her arrival. He has a special drawer in our kitchen where he has stashed all his spoils. He is already prepared to show her the finer things in life.

We think he really likes her.

We have had a great stay in the hospital. With the exception the nurses thinking someone stole her, (the ankle bracelet came off in the laundry and locked down the hospital) and some nasty food it's been a wonderful time to relax and get to know our new daughter. Not to mention for MaRea to heal from her major surgery. We are back to normal life tomorrow, and we want to thank everyone for your help (especially Lindsey and Riley for playing fill-in mom and dad). On a last note Brent and Melissa stopped by last night and we compared babies. Brooklynn is only 16 days older than Avery. Who do you think would win in a wrestling match???

Brooklynn and Avery.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Any last creative Ideas?

We have one last day to see if this baby wants to turn head down. I have tried all kinds of weird exercises my midwife suggested that might help the baby turn, nothing has worked. I am open for any last suggestions that have worked on you, or someone you may know. Otherwise we are set to go into the hospital at 7:00 A.M. Friday. Once again my biggest nightmare a C-Section!!!!

We are still undecided on what we want to name her. Cast your vote and it just might help us put and end to the great debate of the name of the Hess baby.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We have been slacking on blogging lately. I can't believe it's already September where did August go? We hiked Mount Timpanogos Cave on Labor Day. The weather was perfect for hiking in the high 70's. The whole hike takes about 4 hours so plan a Saturday to go and enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

Kaden made it about half way up, the Kelty backpack is a must have for anyone who enjoys hiking. It has made it possible for Kyle and I to still do what we love even with a kid.
This was at the opening of the Cave. The Cave takes about an hour to go through.

We tried to get some good photos of the cave but, non of them really turned out.

Dinosaur Museum

We have the largest Dinosaur museum in the world here in Utah. It's true I didn't believe it until we went. For the month of August they were having $2.00 Tuesdays so Lindsey, Melanie and I went with the kids. They loved seeing the big Dinosaurs .

They have a play area were the kids to to find fossils in the sand. The could have played in the sand for hours, but of course Kaden had to end the fun with throwing sand and other kids.

Kaden turned 3 years old!!! Where does the time fly? We had a Dinosaur birthday party for him.

The new baby is coming soon. We are hoping that she decides to turn the right way. My last visit my midwife tried to turn the baby, but she went right back to the same spot that she has been in the whole time seconds after the midwife tried to turn her. For right now the date is September 25th for the C-section, unless anything changes.

We are pretty set on the name Avery, but would love to find a name that we love more. Anyone who has any suggestions PLEASE send them our way. It 's so hard to find a name that you LOVE!!!

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