Thursday, April 1, 2010

Skiing The Beav

We took the kids up skiing to Beaver Mountain Saturday. It was the perfect day for skiing, I was in my element of pure joy! It was my favorite memory of our family to date.

Kade just wanted to go down Little Beaver FAST! He had no interest in turning or stopping to take any pictures. That is his angry face, such a cute boy. Avery is not smiling at the moment but she loved it.

This is only his 2nd time going and he LOVED every minute of it. I was a little amazed at how well he did. He is not the most coordinated child so I was worried that we would be staying on the magic carpet all day. The thing I love about Kaden is his attitude about everything. He is so determined to learn and be happy doing so. He had a huge smile on his face all day, I love that little man!

I could not get enough of Avery on skis. It was so cute she would giggle as we would ski down the mountain. She was so happy all day. She went without a single nap and never cried once. I caught her zoning out a few times. The lifties said she was the youngest they had seen on skis.

I took this picture of Kyle and Avery it was worth a thousand words. I knew I would love it. There are some pictures you just take and know they will be great. All my hopes for this picture were shattered. My camera settings got changed on accident resulting in an overexposed picture:(!

It It was The Big Air day at Beaver Mountain. They had ski races and pond skimming. Avery had a good time chilling out with all the ski bums.

I loved watching these two ski together oh, so sweet!

This NEVER happens, Avery has maybe fallen asleep in the car 4 times. It was a sight to see. I think we need to take her up skiing more often!

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