Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Aniversary

Happy Anniversary MaRea. It is amazing how a few short years of knowing someone can make such a difference in your life. In the time that our lives have been together I have seen myself in a greater light. I have learned that boundaries are something that I set myself. I have learned that love is a verb not a noun and it requires effort and selflessness to show. I have learned that Love is limitless and I feel it most when I give it. I have learned that I am never alone. I have learned that how I show my affection matters. I have learned that it is not what I buy or do it is if I take the time to surprise. I have learned that it matters to make other feel comfortable, even if you do not. I have learned that sharing your treats is also sharing your heart. I have learned that spending time with your child is showing love to your wife. But most of all I have learned my love continues to grow. Thanks for being mine.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Kyle

It's Kyle's Birthday today. I have to admit sometimes I have a hard time remembering if his birthday is the 28th or the 30th. Kyle tells me that I should never admit to such a depressing thing. Our wedding anniversary is April 30th, two big dates, someone needs to mix them up once in a while.

Thanks Kyle for all that you do for our family. I feel so honored to call you mine. I hope you have a wonderful birthday even if we have to baby-sit all week.

Friday, April 25, 2008


As many of you know MaRea has been quite sick these last few days. Wednesday I left work early to be with her and help where I could. When I returned home I found her in bed clearly unable to do much of anything. I brought home four movies (thanks to Redbox) and spent the rest of the day just being with her. It felt good to be able to take care of her after all she does for me. The next morning I decided to take the day off. It turned out to be a great day. Not only did I get to do my part in helping her feel better, but I got to spend the entire day with Kade.

We started by working out in the yard. Most of the time he loves helping me work. As I was digging he would occasionally trip and say "I'm OK", then he would pick up a shovel and start moving dirt and proudly state "I'm doing it daddy." After getting our holes dug it was off to WalMart. I decided to make dutch oven ribs, potatoes and cobbler. At Walmart Kaden got to choose a tractor that he could have after he did his business (I refuse to write "poops in the potty"). His eyes lit up like christmas morning and he picked a tractor he later had to sleep with during his nap. We invited Lindsey and Riley over to enjoy the dutch oven dinner (it was spectacular). Even the depressing loss by the Jazz couldn't have ruined that day and MaRea is getting alot better. She said Kaden was so excited that I didn't go to work. A day like yesterday puts perspective how good things are in my life.

As I reflect on the decisions made in my life whether by me or by someone else I am so grateful for all of them. Even the most painful ones. Because without them I would not be who I am and I would not be with who I am with.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


If we can't have Mitt Romney in the White House, I guess Kaden would make a great Mormon President!!

If you have ever thought about going to the Tree House in Ogden, do it! There is so much to do you could go once a week and your kids would be entertained. It is a blast and even a great deal, knowing how cheap I am that's a plus.

Ashley and I have wanted to get together forever so, we finally made a date and did it YIPPEE!!! Max and Kaden had so much fun running from the Fire truck, building blocks, music room and so much more.

It was a little odd Kaden was dressed up in the fireman’s outfit and he and Max and been riding and driving the fire truck. Kaden ran over to me and said “I need these off" that would be the fireman’s outfit. He was terrified I had never seen him like this before he went screaming and running out the doors saying “I need to get out, I need to get out!!" He was so scared, it was weird. After talking to him outside and explaining to him the building was not on fire it was just a pretend fire truck. He calmed down and decided to go and have some more fun. He would get scared at random times and try to find his way out. I don't know where he has learned about fire and the danger of it but, apparently he understands. He still talks about the fire truck and how fire can kill him, but can't stop talking about when we can go to the tree house again.

We went to Lunch at Sonora Grill. Kyle's friend Steve is the owner so it was fun seeing all the things they have done with it. Sonora Grill, it was amazing food. I got carne asada with tortillas it was really good. It is defintetly worth trying out. The prices are a little high, but the food is excellent worth the trade.

We went over to the surf place across the street and let the boys watch. They were so cute they wanted to take off their shirts and lounge out. Kaden ruined the moment by running straight for the water which meant we had to go.

It was one of those days that you didn't want it to end. It had been so long that Ash and I had gotten together. I hope everyone has a chance in their life time to have a friend like Ashley. She is the type of friend to take the time not only to ask a question, but then actually care to listen, despite me always forgetting her birthday every year she doesn’t forget mine, She remembers the small things in your life that really don't matter only someone who really cares about would know. She is a friend that I know will be with me throughout my life good and bad, the one sitting on the front row of my funeral totally in style. Even at the age of 90 she will be looking hot!!! There are several other things that make a great friend that Ashley emulates to those around her. Those are the people you want to surround yourself with. Thanks Ash for the friend that you are!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008


We have started to watch this show called Dexter. It's on Sunday nights at 9:00 P.M. I am torn between loving the show and being appalled that they would put something like this on T.V. it's pretty graphic. Dexter is a serial killer he thinks it's his duty to kill people who deserves it. Dexter is a special agent who investigates murders so he understands what is going on in the killers minds. It puts this Hollywood star image on killing, that's why most times after we are done watching I tell Kyle "that is the worst show I have ever seem" but, I wouldn't miss the next episode. Watch the show and let me know what you think? The worst show you've seen or that it is as good as 24.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I have been tagged
Yes it's true I'm actually doing one.

Q. where were you 10 years ago?

I was getting ready to graduate from Mountain Crest. I wanted to move to Oklahoma and become an Herbalist. That is all I could think about leading up to graduation.

Q. 5 things to do on my "to do" list today?

1. Watch general conference
2. Make cinnamon rolls
3. Laundry
4. Shopping
5. Clean my house, sounds like fun huh

Q. 5 foods I enjoy...

1. I love New York Burritos. Kyle doesn’t understand the love I have for them. Seeing how every New York Burrito joint I find goes out of business soon after isn't a good sign. I still love them and could eat them most days of the week
2. Laura's Carmel popcorn
3. Miso Salmon from Hamilton's in Logan
4. Puff strawberries, they're hard to find.
5. Arepas from Venezuela with this cheese that totally stinks. I find myself laying awake at night wishing I could just have one more of these, what I would do for just one!!!

Q. what would you do if you were suddenly a billionaire

Buy a huge farm, build a house and a huge workshop with every wood working tool there is, one just like Norms. Kyle could quite his job and just work with wood all day, he would be in heaven. I would love to buy run down homes and fix them up for fun on the side. NEVER worry about money again. I would love to buy something for each one of siblings something they have always wanted but, would never buy for themselves. How fun would that be.

Kim: I would get her a house of her dreams that she has been planning for years up in the hills of Paradise.
Karen: Escalade,
Brent: Build him his own 18 hole golf course, he can hire dad to mow the lawn.
Dave: 2008 Mastercraft with its own man made Wakeboard Lake and a Cheese and cracker shop that's right on the lake side. He would throw some unforgettable parties.
Mark: A life supply of Depends "diapers".
Laura: A Mini Cooper and a huge ranch with tree huts, rivers, and ponds.
Paul: He would get the Jet of his dreams.
Lindsey: build her a huge library with every love story that has ever been written. She wouldn't ever need to go to Borders or the public library again.
Angie: I would buy Cams heart then crush into a million pieces; no I wouldn't do that I would give her cash so she could travel around the world. She could bask out on the beach and finally win!!! Every year in Hawaii that is her one goal to get darker than me she always looses.

Q.5 jobs I have had...

1. Stuffing transfers. I would day dream in 5th grade about how fast I could do my transfers and how much I could make in an hour the love I had for my transfers. I would even get up early before the school bus picked me up from the office and try to stuff as many as I could to get the day started. That didn't last forever but I did it weird a 5th grader driven by money where can you find that today?

2. Bagging Groceries at Smith's. I got the job because there was a boy that I thought was totally cute who was a checker. It was a motivator to go to work. If you have teenagers and they don't want to get a job. Tell them to find someone they think is cute and apply to work there.

3. NES. I loved this job I worked there for three years. I worked with disabled adults. We would go and do fun things all over Logan. My family loved getting to know several of them. I think Special K was their favorite. I learned so much from this job, I learned how to love the disabled community. Every time I see someone in town or on T.V. I immediately feel an immense amount of love for them. Many times I start to tear up from knowing how much Gods loves these special people. What a blessing they are to all of those who allow them to touch their heart.

4. Nanny in Maryland. It was fun but I am glad I never have to do that again.

5. Sold living Scriptures. The worst summer of my life. I feel bad for every person that bought them; they are probably still paying $34.85 a month for one movie that last 28 minutes.

Q.5 things you don't know about me...

1. I gave Hugo Chavez a Book of Mormon on my mission. I was so sure that he was going to read it and be converted. I even wrote him a follow up letter and tried to send it to his office in Caracas. If I only had that kind of faith now, why do we change?

2. My dream growing up was to become a Master Herbalist and have my own clinic with all my tinctures, huge herb garden. I would treat everything and everyone under the sun. At times I think well, I will just do it in heaven, but we will not get sick so that plan seems to not work.

3. This may sound contrary to what my family thinks or how I was in my younger days. I hate talking about Poo. I don't want to know when someone needs to go and that they just went. I don't even like Kyle to tell me anything about that subject. Believe it! It's true. I still love the fart machine. Give me, my sisters and Wal-Mart and I will have the time of my life for an hour.

4. I love mowing the lawn, doing yard work, well anything that has to do with the yard.

5. I would love to have twins or even triplets. I would love to adopt a child someday.

Q. 5 places I have lived

1. Logan
2. Paris, Vann, France
3. Venezuela
4. New Mexico
5. Maryland

I read Nie