Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter in Hawaii

This Easter was a little different, we went on a  Easter egg hunt at an LDS ranch a mile from our house.  The ranch had plenty of farm animals for the kids to pet, free horse rides, Easter bunny, golden eggs worth $5.00 and 6,000 eggs.  All the kids came home with plenty of eggs and candy.  Ally even came home with one of the golden eggs worth some money.   It wasa  spectacular Easter.  Mom even made and Easter dinner to die for, but then again every meal she puts together is amazing!

Tibbitts crew walking to the entrance of the Easter egg hunt.  

Kade running, who knows where his family is?
We had been waiting for "The Hunt" to start, then the Easter bunny came riding in.  All the children and adults cheered with pure joy!  Really does life get any better than hunting for candy?  

 I do have an confession to make to my family.  When we were young, "I admit it" I cheated at least three years.  I would get up at like 4:00 AM and find half the candy around the house, then go to bed and find some more with everyone else in the morning.  I always felt guilty but then again my Easter candy always outlasted the rest of the gang. The worst year was when Ginger our dog went through and licked all the candy, even before I got to it, that will go down in history as the worst Easter EVER!!  So I am clean I will never feel bad again about the stealing of the Easter candy again. 
I am sure some 4-H student thought this was the most cleaver spot on the whole ranch to put and Easter egg.  Kaden didn't even think twice about the horse poo all around his egg.

Sweet Brynlee waiting for the cow bell to be heard, by all the children anticipating their new found pot, of golden candy.  

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