Wednesday, March 25, 2009



It has been a long and bumpy roller coaster. We ended up under contract for nearly SIX months, because we had signed two contracts previous to this one. Honestly, who does that happen to? The closing date was moved over Five times, yes you heard me five times.   We were lucky to have buyers that were solid in every aspect of the loan and were dealings with some unforeseen circumstances which made it difficult on both of us.  It was a relief when they agreed to move in early and begin making payments.  That made our situation much easier. 

To make a long story SHORT we CLOSED on our house today and, it feels so good. Kyle and I walked out of the title company thrilled, ecstatic, and feeling very blessed!

We had so many great and wonderful times in our home. We put a lot of sweat and blood into it. Installing, sanding and varnishing the hardwood floors, Kyle laying the tile in the bathroom with no running water in the WINTER, (thanks Justi for the water) Lindsey helping us paint 9 months pregnant, painting the walls over and over just to get the perfect amount of glaze on, building a mailbox in the middle of rain storm, digging the trenches in the yard, laying the sprinkler lines, filling the trenches, leveling the yard, planting and waiting, and waiting for the grass to grow, building a garden seeing Kaden so excited to watch the plants grow, building custom cabinets for the library and last but not least Kyle finishing the whole entire basement! It was wonderful to work so hard on something and have it turn out, just perfect.

We will miss our home and and all the great friendships we made in Eagle Mountain . It was a great stop for our family. There will always be a special place in our hearts for 2105 Shadow Dr. There are lessons to be learned for all phases of life and I think patience will be at the top of our list for this phase.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Random photos, random thoughts!

This was funny, Mom and Jack feel asleep in Sacrament together. How she makes it through the Temple everyday at 5:00 AM is a mystery to me?

So I did it! Avery got her ears pierced. It has been a month and I think Kyle has excepted that his baby girl has holes in her ears. This was right before we made the plung.

Kade's favorite thing at Discovery Gateway. I don't know why he likes that horse so much?

Angie, Rach, Allie, and Avery

The boys getting ready to go skiing for the first time up the mountain. What was I thinking..... three boys, all at once! They did a great job, but man was I sore the next day!

Kade waiting for his turn

We took Kade bowling for the first time he loved it!

Avery just chilling at the bowling Ally

I read Nie