Saturday, June 28, 2008

What's a Women?

This story is way too funny not to share with everyone. We had all decided to go to the Logan pool to go swimming for the day. I said that I would pick up some subs. My mom and Kaden were waiting in the truck at Subway while I went in to get 6 foot long subs for the large Thatcher crew. This girl walked in after me she looked like she was around 21, long blond hair, high heels, and all dolled up. Let's just say she didn't look like she had just got done doing the laundry, moping the floors, and changing diapers. Kaden obviously noticed her also he asked my mom.

Kaden says " Nama who's that?"
My mom says " she's probably a mommy."
Kaden replies " Her's not a mommy, hers a WOMEN!!!"

I think I've laughed harder at that comment than anything he has ever said. At what point do us mothers just become mommy's and not women to our children, I guess I need to start pulling out the high heels to mop the floor, so my boy understands that I'm a Women.


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