Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight Review

I feel like I'm fifteen again with this post, oh-well. For those of you who have not seen the movie yet, don't wait any longer!! I loved the whole show. My expectations were set very low so, I wouldn't be disappointed, a I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Lindsey and I were sitting in between a friend of ours, Natasha. After the movie she said all she heard from both side were , “Jacobs hot",” Edward is so hot" “I even think Charley is hot." I think a lot of men will be getting a little extra love, thanks to Twilight!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My best COUPON day!!

Last night I walked out of the grocery store felling elated with excitement for all my great finds. And Kyle says “You are so damn sexy!" I was a little confused because I was not looking all that hot, in my zip up hoodie, jeans, and flip flops. I looked at him and said what? He says “Your passion for life is beyond sexy!" I guess I will take that complement even if my outrageous passion explodes for making $3.50 for taking home some deli meat. Sorry I should post this stuff a little earlier so you all have time to catch in on these deals, but I don't go shopping until the end of the sale because I can't stand all the "crazy coupon ladies" Kim if I have to pick you up and take you to the grocery store, so you can feel the euphoric rush as you're getting all kinds of free groceries, I will, I know you need a little extra push.

I got 60 rice and pasta sides for .13 cents, normally $2.00

This was my favorite deal of the night. I was paid $3.50 for each deli meat I took. I only got 10, I felt a little stupid clearing out the deli meat section, and I guess getting paid $35.00 for taking home delicious meat works for me. Ok so how I got this deal is.... at Albertsons they a have the meat on sale for 2 for $5.00, On the package they have coupons that say save $1.00 off now peel those off. There is another peel coupon on top that says TRY ME FREE. Hillshire will pay you $4.99 to try their new deli meats. I'm not sure if all Albertsons have the peel coupons on their Hillshire deli meat. The sale ends today, at least the 2/$5 deal.

I got 60 shampoo and conditioner for a total of .13 cents each. If you do the math I didn't even pay what the sales tax would have been. The normal price is $5.33, just for tax I would have paid .27 cents. I am sure some of you are saying when will you ever use that much shampoo, I am sure I will still have some during the Millennium, if I am still around.

20 boxes of free toothpaste. And if you know me I need all 20 boxes so I don't look like this guy in a few years.

So in the end I got $580.00 worth of groceries for free. And will actually make $19.40 after I get my rebate back, not bad!! If you have any questions on how you can get the same deals leave a comment.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

This should be on Oprah's favorite list!!!

Just the other week I was cursing the blue painter’s tape, that is supposed to do an amazing job. Have you ever wondered how TLC they paint perfect stripes, how in the world do they look perfect? I really found something that does the job with perfection, and it's not because I am a professional painter. I painted three Olive stripes on my wall and they look perfect!!!! The tape is called Frog Tape. I have a new mission in life, and that is to let everyone know to never buy blue tape again, all of your painting projects will be fun again if you buy Check out how well it works and let me know how wonderful you painting project have gone.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Avery has been blessed

This is the look that Avery gets right as she is falling asleep. I think it is so darn cute, she gets those little smiles the whole time as she is drifting off to never never land.

Sunday was such a perfect day everything went just perfect. Why does blessing your baby have to be stressful? I guess all things worth doing need a little stress to add into the mix of things. Avery looked absolutely gorgeous, I didn't want the day to end, or my sweet baby girl to get one day older. She was exceptionaly good on Sunday, she slept all day. She has been having stomach issues so we got some drops to help with her stomach, I have a new baby.

My mom made Avery's dress 27 years ago; yes can you believe it something made it through the Thatcher household after 27 years. Lindsey washes Bridal gowns and said she could make it look new again. She did a wonderful job I couldn't have been more pleased. She washed and steamed the dress, it brought tears to my eyes when I saw it, thanks Linz!

These are the little girls enjoying themselves at the kids table, too cute!

Avery and Grandma Hess

After the blessing we all come over to
our house to have brisket. There is no
better meal than brisket. We figured if we had the family coming we had to make something really good to make up for the LONG drive, we know, we know we live in the middle of Delta.

Happy Halloween

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE HALLOWEEN for more than one reason. As a kid Robbie and I would get our huge pillow cases and start trick-or-treating at 5:00 and go until 9:00 pm. We would run from house to house without a break by the end of the night our pillow cases were FULL. To this day I support kids of all ages trick-or-treating. Kyle and I had a debate on what age was too old to go trick-or-treating, I won there is no age limit, but you do have to dress up if you want candy. I love that the next few months there is family all around, there is nothing more enjoyable than getting all 10 siblings together and just sitting in our kitchen at the farm talking four hours. I love that the snow is coming, hot coco with cream. And did I mention SKI season, ok so it's a little different when you’re married with kids, but I can still dream of skiing at The Beav 4 times a week for free thanks to the ski school. Ok, Ok, so back to Halloween and the love of candy. I think my son Kade has that some love for candy, not a good thing! He loved running from house to house getting a new prize in his" bucket of junk." Here are a few pictures of our Halloween.

Avery was dressed up as a little skunk, there wasn't a cuter skunk around, ok Jack was a pretty cute skunk too. Last year after Halloween Children’s Place had there costumes for $1.99 how could I not buy every size of skunk they had in???

I read Nie