Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Poem


In the journey of life I came upon a space
which rudely held for me, an agonizing place.
After searching I found piece of solid stone
and a note that read, “Make something of your own”.

It stood so large, yet devoid of all remorse.
My hammer made no cracks, regardless of its force.
After hours of failing, I laid down my tools and asked,
“Why oh why, was I charged with such an impossible task?”

“This stone is meant for changing, but not the kind you seek.”
“For you should know by now that perfect cannot be tweaked.”
“Perfect?” I doubted,   “So then what would you have me do?”
“As it has done to the greatest of us, you let the truth mold you.”

“Truth?” I scoffed, “A stone so ugly couldn't hold something so dear.”
“If you look with the eyes I gave you, you’ll have no reason to fear.”
Then I saw a beauty that caused a change deep inside my heart,
for when seen through Godly eyes, the truth makes all into His art.

             -Kyle Hess           

I read Nie