Friday, March 4, 2011

Future Optimist!!

Initially you might think this person is crazy, but if you look deeper you're likely to find an optimist.

"Just put it in the passenger's seat," that was the comment that made me laugh. . . Hard.  That was her suggestion. "Just push back the seat all the way and slide it in."  Oh, it was so funny, I couldn't stop.  Rarely do I laugh because though MaRea has many strange ideas they're normally pretty good.  I continued this for a few minutes insisting that it would never fit, but she wouldn't budge.  She didn't doubt her idea, in fact she started giggling at my reaction.  After a few minutes of dragging my feet and her repeated insistence that I measure, I agreed.

We got to this point because I was nervous about loading a refrigerator and a dishwasher home from SLC that we bought on  I brought up the problem with space in the bed of the truck due to its CNG tank.  At that point she made the laughable suggestion to "just put it in the passenger's seat", it, being the dishwasher.

I couldn't wait to confirm the ridiculousness of her suggestion, but as I measured the opening of the passenger's door that terrible feeling bubbled up as my inner most demon.  I could be wrong.  It was close. . . too close.  In fact if I had to make it fit I probably could have.  Disheveled, I meandered back inside to mumble my findings.  After a humbling moment of listening to her gloat she suggested I measure the bed of the truck just to make sure.  I, of course, rejected saying both would not fit.  Well they did, and I got both the dishwasher and the fridge home without incident.

During this moment I realized how deeply rooted a pessimist I am, and I hated it.  Both times MaRea made her suggestions I didn't even consider that either may work, I just began rationalizing why neither would work.  I didn't even consider if my reasoning was truthful.   It was amazing, for the first time I clearly understood how my brain works. What a debilitating syndrome!!  Only when I have successfully passed through every negative scenario, especially though fabricated in my mind, will I proceed on a given path.  At that moment I lamented all the possible opportunities I've missed out on because of my predetermined pessimism.  Likewise, I can easily look back at the good in my life and attribute where I allowed optimism to rule.  So here's to going forward as an optimist and asking without shame, WHY NOT!!

P.S. If you are wanting to make the change a good idea is to surround yourself with optimists.  If you're lucky, like me, you married one, if not they are always easy to spot (just don't honk at them, it could be dangerous).


MaRea Hess said...

Kyle thought it was the funniest suggestion I think I have ever made. Kyle your, giggle was so authentic and real, you couldn't stop. I was more shocked than anything, I had to start laughing from your pure amusement in my suggestions. I had it all mapped out in my mind and it worked:)! Two thumbs up to your future optimism.

Lindsey Smith said...

new years resolutions were two months ago. This makes you lazy.

Jessica Newman said...

What an awesome wife you have!! I'm totally a pessimist too but I'm gonna jump on this optimist band wagon -hopefully I won't fall off too soon!

theadventursofsidandlinda said...

Not only are you able to express your experience with finesse you are - unlike a lot of us - humble enough to open your eyes, see clearly and choose to adjust. I have heard that giggle before and it is amazing!

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