Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day was the best day of the year! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. The sun was out, my kids had smiles on their faces, children giggling, and we each had our own sled. Old Main Hill is no small sledding hill, I had small butterflies in my stomach. Kade had the time of his life. He got a little tired walking up the huge hill. He slept good Monday night. Avery would say, "again again" with a excitement in her voice. Kyle was extremely good looking on that warm day, I caught myself checking him out several times!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm An Addict

My addiction is out of control, I find it controlling my thoughts as I'm drifting to sleep, I can't wait to get my next fix, it calms my nerves, I'm instantly wearing a massive smile when I enter. I wonder if they have a thrift store anonymous counseling group,....Ok I don't think I need to go to that level of therapy yet. It all started years and years ago visiting the DI with my Aunt Lillian, she is the most talented thrift store shopper I know. I knew I was addicted to thrift stores when I had gone twice within a 24 hour period. I had positioned and item a certain way when I left, when I went back the next day it had not been touched. Savers in SLC is one of my favorite thrift stores. Personally I think the DI is way overpriced. Several times I have bargained a better price on an item at the DI, it's true, and I'm not ashamed of it. I could do without the smell that permeates through every thrift store I have entered, the price I pay to find an antique chair. I can't decide if it's the best therapy I have, or if I need therapy for an excessive shopping addiction:). I will go with, its outstanding personal therapy that is practically free, ok almost;)! Who else is addicted?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Adorable Valentines

Kade has been ecstatic about going to his Valentines Party at school for three weeks. He couldn't wait to get in his "Handsome Clothes." I must say he is one Handsome little man. I hate how fast he is growing up. Avery got dressed up in her Valentines best to take daddy out on a Valentines lunch date, so cute. She has become completely insane over dresses and pink,.....sigh! I have to convince this little one that other colors are pink like, red. I lie to her. I figure I can fix whatever damage I do. Her colors might not be spot on after I convince her of how versatile the color pink can be. This cheesy grin smiley is so typical of our Avery. We are absolutely in love with our Valentines. Happy Valentines week, you know it last all week, every good holiday does!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day Poem: To MaRea


Empires have crumbled beyond utter demise,
Based on the potential of Its most glorious prize.
Others have risen above all else imaginable,
Hoping to grasp just a portion of what’s possible.
Great rulers have kneeled with heads hanging low,
To honor the glory of Its wondrous glow.

The heartless have climbed mountainous peaks,
Looking for the change their void-filling seeks.
The world has been searched from end to end,
For the soul healing power, It has to lend.
Yet It has never hidden nor does It deny,
The willing and able to stand by its side.

To the Greatest, It came easiest of all
And for It He suffered, to His Father he did call.
Though by Itself, It occasionally stands,
It will soon be met by those glorious Hands.
It is the purpose of life and also life’s cause,
To become who He expects during this fleeting pause.

But somehow you’ve obtained more than the limit,
And spread It freely without exhaustion or benefit.
As a benefactor of your perfectly endless supply,
My muscles are strengthened, my head is held high.
Because I know I’m worthy of Eternity’s only reward,
I will dream big, for everything is what Love can afford.

-Love Kyle

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