Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Saint Patricks Day

Brynlee with her Saint Patricks Crown

Avery doning her sideways smile. She looks just like little Cindy Lou Who.

The Boys enjoying their green dinner. I enjoy it more than they do, the whole anticipation and planning for such a fun day makes me happy . There is nothing better than seeing my childs smile filled with complete JOY and utter happiness!

Green Eggs and Ham. I finally figured out how to make the eggs look like Sam I Am's. Fill a spray bottle with green food coloring and spray it on the eggs. It only took three years to figure it out.

We made our Cereal and milk green for breakfast. Kade's favorite color is GREEN, I think his new favorite holiday just might be Saint Patrick's Day

Who else, other than Grandma is fit to read Green Eggs and Ham to the kids!


Lindsey Smith said...

My jealousness is so HUGE right now!! I wish we could have been there and shared that moment with you guys. I love that your so good at things like that, it help me remember that small little traditions like that are what you remember when your old. I LOVE that your so GOOD at it! I didn't even know it was St PAtties day!

Taryl said...

so cute! what fun ideas!

TnD said...

You posted! It's about time. I need to do this next year.

Anonymous said...

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ljtalley said...

Very cute! we made green eggs too and they didn't turn out like yours and now I know why. Thanks for the tip. BTW my little monkeys wanted nothing to do with the green eggs. Thatcher sniffed his and said "yyyuck". I couldn't talk him into them. You are such a wonderful mama. And you have the cutest little monkeys ever! I miss you all so much!

Dan and Marsha said...

you are the coolest mom i know, i need to step it up a notch, or my kids are going to be why aren't you any fun!

Tashina said...

Avery looks JUST like Cindy Lou Who! So cute! I'm sad we're not close enough anymore to ba part of each others' holidays. You're such a great planner.

Katy said...

You're the funnest mom!

Jessica Newman said...

Oh my gosh! I cannot believe how big Avery is! AND she a-freaking-dorable! I hope you had a great St. Patty's day! and an awesome Easter!

Anonymous said...

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