Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Can I go to the Funeral with Jack?"

I have been meaning to document this sweet conversation with Kade. He loves to talk and think about heaven. His Grandpa Hess passed away when he was just a few months old, this has given us several opportunities to talk about what happens when we die. I guess we still need to work on a few things?

Kade: Where's Jack going mommy?
MaRea: A funeral.
Kade: What's a funeral?
MaRea: When someone dies everyone gets together and share their love for that person.
Kade: You mean Jack gets to go to heaven?!!!! I want to go to heaven too, can I go?
MaRea: No he doesn't get to go to heaven, the person who dies gets to go to heaven, like grandpa Hess. Those who love that person gather to talk about him, then we bury the body in the ground.
Kade: Oh mommy I love digging can I go, I can bury him.
MaRea: No, I don't think they want a 4 year old digging the grave.
Kade: Mommy I have my very own shovel!
MaRea; Kade look at the ground it's frozen, it would be really hard to dig!
Kade: And cold mommy!

This smile kills me, she reminds me of the little girl from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.


TnD said...

That is the best conversation and Miss Avery is too scrumptious for words.

ljtalley said...

That boy is too cute for words. Avery is such a little cutie pie!!!

Lindsey Smith said...

I love that conversation, I bed grandma Lowes would have loved for him to have dug a few shovels:) Love you guys!!! Miss Avery is so dang CUTE, oh my words she is so pretty!!!! So I guess we are coming down this weekend because Riley is going to go skiing on Saturday with his dad. Can't wait to see you guys friday night:)!!!!

Pitcherpost said...

Ok, Avery's blue eyes are just too much! She's gorgeous!

Melanie said...

WOW MAREA! YOU HAVE TALENT! I love the pictures you take and it helps to have such cute kids in the pics :)

Kade looks like this mature little man and little Avery... she does look like the little girl on the grinch, so flippin cute! I need your address so I can send you a little something.

theadventursofsidandlinda said...

You will cherish those little conversations you record. How I wish I had done more.

theadventursofsidandlinda said...

While you are skiing, I am watching your little Avery sitting in her chair, dribbling milk from her bottle into her belly button and ginning like a Cheshire Cat.

Ashlee said...

MaRea those are awesome pictures-you are amazing! Could your kiddos be any cuter? Holy Cow:) I love the convo with Kade, don't their little minds make you smile?

Kacie said...

Love the pictures MaRea. You are so need to post more of them.

Chez Prier said...

MaRea, you are a brillant mommy! Thanks for your example! I want to be just like you when I grow up!

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