Monday, September 7, 2009

Sea World

The boys leaving Sea World

Shamu, Kade was calling him" Sampoo" Max would tell him" his name is not Shampoo, his name is Shamu!"

Before the Shamu show Believe.
Max and Kade
Kade and Max going through the shark tunnel. They could not believe that there were sharks swimming above them.

I think Avery was done at this point, she had seen enough of Shamu. She was such a good baby. She has been sick the past week. I have hauled her everywhere with few to no naps. And most the time she remains happy and content.

Cute little Logan playing with the starfish. He is such a happy fun little man.

We Have been in Palm Springs all last week. The heat was never ending, It was a record breaking 119 degrees. I guess global warming is real, Al Gore is so SMART? I still can't belive that idiot won The Nobel Peace Prize.

We are in San Diego for the week and the weather is so wonderful, I love it here. I think I could even live here. The kids are having so much fun. Kade takes Stew "The Dog" on several walks a day. The Beach is a 30 second walk from the house. Kade, Max, and Logan could play in the ocean all day.


Tashina said...

Do me a favor, and don't tell Mason about this! He loves Shamu, and keeps asking us when we can go back! Looks like you guys are having a great vacation, I'm totally jealous! And, I'm also jealous that Avery has so much hair... Mine is still so bald! :)

Lindsey Smith said...

So FUN!!! I love the pic of you and your little people, hhow are you so dang photogenic? I know that Angie sand mom can't wait to have you home. Good luck in your travels:)

Melissa and Brent Thatcher said...

sounds like so much fun! Look how hot you look!

ljtalley said...

I can't believe how beautiful Avery's eyes are she is so dang stinking cute!!!

ashlee said...

yay i love the pics, i can't wait to get mine on my dang blog!!! there are just so many. i can't remember the last time i had so much FUN and found so much JOY in my two little boys and got to hang out with you so many days in a ROW! everything was perfect, thanks so much for hosting:)

ashlee said...

oh ya and you DO look drop dead gorgeous in these pics:)

emily ballard said...

I am so jealous. I plan all sorts of trips to Sea World and never get to take them.

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