Friday, September 4, 2009

"Beer Goggles"

Do all parents have, "beer goggles"? People have been saying "Avery is getting so cute!" I think to myself, getting cute...... I can't think of a time that she has not been the most ediable, delicouse little bundle of joy. I think it's an OK thing to think that your kids are the cutest things alive, and they never go through an ugly stage, right? It made me think if I was "One of those parents". I opened the "Avery photo file". OK, I discovered that I have been wearing "beer goggles". It's true, Avery had a few months that could be questionable.

Avery is getting big, so fast! I'm having huge anxiety about her growing up in lightning speed. Kyle and I just can't get enough of this sweet little piece of heaven. From the day she was born we have been fighting over who gets to hold her, put her to bed, get her up, give her a bottle, we have even argued about who got to change her diaper, weird I know, but some day she will not wear diapers. Avery is the happiest little baby, always smiling, with the most pleasant disposition. We were flying out to California last week and the lady sitting next to us could not get over what a good baby she was. They wanted to give her some special award for being the best baby ever on any flight they have been on, thats my girl! We are so greatfull for this sweet little girl in our family. This last year we have had some difficult trials, but the lord blessed us with a little piece of heaven on earth, thanks Avery for always making us smile when time seemed rough.

Things you are doing right now Avery:

- When you get out of bed you kick your legs with excitment.
- When I make a bottle and shake it, you burst with joy!
- Can't get enough of your brother and Dad.
- You love cor.
- You hate a binky, it's all my fault.
- You love to be held, but not cuddled:(
- You love, love to pull folded clothes out of drawers.
- Love sucking on my cell phone, why, why! One day you will break it, I will not forgive you!
- You love pushing buttons.
- You hate getting dressed.
- For such a long time you had just one tooth on top, you would smile, my heart would melt into a puddle on the floor!
- You love watermelon, if someone takes it you scream like a raptor going after its prey.
- Avery you are the most spoiled baby, I promise I will change,...... someday?
- You love to army crawl.
- Masquitos don't bite you, you must have your moms sour blood.
- you love graham crackers.
- You could play in the pool all day.
-You love your Angie. You cuddle her more than your own MOTHER, I don't approve!
- Your can't decide if you like dogs.


Tashina said...

She is super sweet! I still can't believe that they are growing up so fast... We got Avery's twin size bed set up last night (she won't be sleeping in it until November probably), and she looks so small in it! You guys need to make a trip down this way, it's been way too long since we have seen you! But, I think we are in for trick or treat street... Let's just make sure when it get a little closer!

ljtalley said...

I am so sad that I am missing out on our little Avery! No you don't have beer goggles she has always been adorable!

Kacie said...

She is so adorable! Really...and I think that it's weird if parents DONT think their own kids are always beautiful. We thought Fred was the best looking baby EVER and when I look back through his pictures I realize that he had a few months when he was NOT as cute as we thought he was.

Chez Prier said...

I guess I'm that mom that see's how pretty or ya' know ugly my baby really is because when Aidan had the "receeding grandpa hair line" when he was born I knew that was a bit homely, and I knew it at the time. I think I was worried that it would stay forever, of course he grew out of it and has nicer hair than the rest of the family. He deserves it for his mothers questioning his beauty factor. The part about loving them even while seeing the quirks was always there though!!

Lindsey Smith said...

THOSE EYES!!!!! I mean really, what the heck? It has been such a sad house without you and Kaden. I think Jack is a little confused, he wonders where Rea an Kaden are.

The Marcons said...

Such a cute little girl! I can't believe how fast she has grown up.

The Drysdale's said...

No beer goggles she has always been absolutely adorable. I am glad you are having so much fun this summer I can't seem to even catch you to catch up with you. So when you get time get a hold of me. I loved reading all the cute little things about Avery. I can't wait to hopefully see you guys soon.

emily ballard said...

One of my best friends was on a mission when Rachel was a baby. When she got back, she told me that Rachel was cute, and then added that she had been worried by some of the pictures I had sent her. I was a little (okay, maybe more than a little) offended, until I looked through the pictures and saw for myself. What were we thinking? We dressed her like a boy! And I can't believe we ever left her with my parents again after the haircut they gave her while babysiting one day!

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