Friday, September 11, 2009

Kramer could forsee the future!

Yesterday on my drive home from work I was listening for KVNU's "For the People." The two morons on there were talking about health care and one guy said (paraphrasing) we shouldn't be making a profit on health care, or a large profit anyway. I'm pretty limited in my knowledge of this kind of stuff, but by the gift of common sense, I know that to remove profit from health care would absolutely destroy what makes our system great. Thanks to Mark (MaRea's brother) for posting this video, it will not only scare you on where we are heading, but it will also prove that Kramer was right!


P90X Group said...

I love Obama! We asked for CHANGE and that is what we are going to get America.


Chez Prier said...

WOW!!!! I'm so glad you posted that! I would love to show it to so many people. But you know we will get into more trouble than this with Obama running things, just wait, it isn't over yet!

Pitcherpost said...

Hey MaRea! I do have a 50mm 1.4 lens and I think it's worth it! It's not so expensive in comparison to most and you can get a lot of neat shots with it. But seriously, I do want/need another lens with a bit more zoom range! Of course the one I want is JUST $1400, ridiculous! So I'll never get it. Actually, I'm going to get it, just not the Nikon brand, whatever the cheapo version is, it's more like $600, bit of a difference!

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