Friday, May 30, 2008

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One of Kyle's dreams is to write a book; personally I couldn't think of anything more miserable English 2010 on my mind everyday!! Aren't we glad that some people find writing fun and relaxing? This is the first part of the story you can find the rest of the nail biting fiction on his blog.

Fiction: Part 1

The silence this night was like a piercing blade run through his soul. He searched the corridors of his mind looking for a way to break it. He could find nothing. As he continued searching for what to say he found a spot on the slow turning ceiling fan above the bed. He followed it around and around. He started counting the revolutions of the blade, 5… 6… 7… It felt crucial that he not loose track of the spot and for those few moments the silence was gone. Then just as he reached twenty revolutions she let out a sigh and rolled over. With that little movement it returned. He knew she was telling him that she was not done. That she felt the silence too. She would not allow him to be distracted. She would not allow him to ignore what he has to do. But why do I always have to do it he thought, why am I always the one in the wrong. His mind played over the reasons why she was being unreasonable. It was obvious as he examined the moment in his mind that he was victim and she was the perpetrator. It was not his responsibility to break the silence, it was hers. Relief came over him. He was vindicated knowing that it was up to her to find the words. With his new found acquittal he rolled over and allowed his mind to begin to shut down.

After another ten minutes had passed the blanket and sheet flew up where his wife was laying and as quickly as he could turn to see her she left the room. He sat up and heard the garage door open and the car start.

Are you kidding me he thought how could she be so immature. Why can’t she just admit that she is wrong and apologize?

This was the first time she had left the house during an argument. He sat up in bed analyzing the situation. Should he try and find her? Should he wait it out? He stood up slipped on his flip flops and grabbed an old high school t-shirt from the closet. With little hope he decided to try and find her. He backed out of the driveway and turned towards the highway. When he reached the stop sign he decided to turn south thinking that she went to the grocery store. With a lurch the 2000 Toyota Camry engaged it six cylinders and sped towards the store five miles ahead.

He spent the 5 minutes thinking about their argument. He still was having a difficult time accepting any responsibility. He could not understand why she would be so mad. She knew he loved her, didn’t she? Then why would she take so much offense. As the lights from the store grew brighter he realized that it would be up to him to apologize or this would not go away like it normally does. He noticed some flashing lights in front of the store. At first sight he thought they were the street lights flashing red during the midnight hours then he noticed the blue mixed with the red and his heart sank. He felt like his soul was sucked out of him with a high powered vacuum. His eyes frantically searched the cars ahead looking for the white BMW she loved so much. All he could see was the three cop cars, and the two ambulances which seemed to be blocking another car.

His mind now racing through every possible scenario but they all came back to one, it was her car. He approached the cop directing the minimal traffic and leaned forward with his face directly above the steering wheel. The second he drew even with the cop he could see the scene. He felt the blood leave his body and his face turn pale white. The 03 BMW was on his back with driver’s side completely demolished. With no feeling he slammed the Toyota in park and jumped out. Examining the wreckage he saw a SUV with the engine sitting in the front cab. At the back of one of the ambulances he noticed a pair of teenagers being attended by a police officer.

“Where is she? What happened? Is she ok?” he shouted at the officer.

She pointed to the second ambulance and with sympathy said, “She’s over there.”

All he could do was hope for anything but the worst. But as he approached the ambulance he heard the familiar sound of beep, beep turn to one long beep.

He knew what it meant. She was gone and he just missed her. He turned around and looked up into the back of the ambulance. The two paramedics looked back at him and then at each other. Without a word they both stepped outside the ambulance. Mack stepped up and saw her eyes looking up but seeing nothing. Every emotion he had ever felt came bubbling over at once. All he could do was hold her. As he placed his cheek on hers he felt his tears pass down his face to hers. “No, No, No” were the only words he could find.

“Excuse me, Mr. Williams,” said a rusty voice from behind him. The old sheriff took off his stiff brimmed hat and bowed his head. “Mr. Williams, we tried everything we could, you have our deepest sympathies.”

Mack could barely make out the face of the sheriff through his watery eyes, but through his tone he felt the sheriff's sincerity.

“But we were able to save her,” and the sheriff passed along a bundle of blankets which muffled the whimpering coming from inside.

Stay tuned.....

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The Marcons said...

First off let me just say that I also share Kyle's interest in writing. I've never gotten the courage to actually do it though and truthfully wouldn't even know where to start. I was VERY impressed by this story. I love a good book that can pull you in and make you feel like one of the characters from the beginning. What an awesome talent!

Tashina said...

Oh, it is absolutely no problem to put that on there! I am glad that he is excited about it!! But, you know I love you guys! And, Kyle's story is REALLY good! Just as long as he keeps those posts coming, I will be happy! :)

Louis said...

Can you please tell your dear husband to invite me to read his blog? I was reading his story and loveing it and now it appears I am locked out...Thanks!!

Mindy Lou

I read Nie