Monday, May 12, 2008

Boys will be boys!!!

" I think I am going to pass out." That is what I said Sunday night around 9:00 pm first of all why do all bad things happen on the weekend after 8:00. That leaves you with the option of the Emergency room, oh yea there's nothing else. Unless you are lucky enough to have a family member as a doctor, Angie I'm still holding on hope for you to bring one of those to the family.

So Lauren brought Kaden into the Kitchen with blood all over his face. I can hardly write about it I'm getting way too emotional. It looked really bad; there was a hole in his head. It took about 10 seconds standing by him and I felt like I was going to pass out or puke. Is there a worse feeling in the world? He was such a strong little boy. Kade cried for five minutes then he was done crying. We put him in the car to go to the emergency room he was a sleep before we got out of the driveway. Can I just say I HATE the ER. How is it they can charge $850 to look at a little boy for five minutes? That was our last excursion to the ER, which was on Sunday and after 8:00 pm. The front desk had no idea what I would be billed for I said "I can walk out of here in 20 minutes and 3 stitches and it could cost me $1200." The answer was yes. The prices they can charge, HOLLY SHI____ . That being said after talking to my mom's best friend who is a nurse said he would be fine we decided to wait and take him to our pediatrician in the morning.

Kyle took work off and we took Kaden in at 9:00 and he just said over and over “mommy the doctor going make me feel better, Daddy doctor going make me feel better." He was really tough. I had to leave because I was getting way too nauseated. He came out with two stitches and one sucker. When we got in the car he said “I so mad" I asked him why and he said” the doctor took all my suckers" He wanted more than one at least three. He said " I want to eat them all myself." My child is selfish what can I say, but smart too. The day ended with two doctor visits, one sucker, two stitches, one shot, and a baby sister. I guess not so bad.


Kacie said...

How sad! I cant stand to see my kids get hurt. He was tough though.

CONGRATS on the baby girl! I am so excited for you guys. Girls are so fun.

ljtalley said...

It breaks my heart just hearing about it. He is the toughest little kid out there! Kaden I love you!!!

Nate Family said...

Sounds like you were all extra brave. I would have freaked out. Our little Dash is just starting to walk and he hits his head about every 10 min. we're checking to make sure his eyes aren't dilating because of a concution.
So you are all very brave.

Lynette said...

Argh...I hate stitches! Makes me quesy just thinking bout it! We have had MANY here in our househould! Pool lil guy!!!

theadventursofsidandlinda said...

It was so random - that he gouged his eye on the pointed end of the hinge in the library. How weird. I figure it's battle scars - all boys need a few and he has certainly had his - three in one week - he and Jack got their fingers and toes caught in the car door later the same day as the broken arm. Kaden has an amazing high tolerance to pain. What normally would make most children scream in agony, Kaden cries for a few minutes and it is over. So, If he is crying you know he is in real pain. He is such a trooper.

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