Friday, May 16, 2008

What Luck!!!

Just as I was settling back in front of my computer after our monthly company lunch, which was upgraded from Costco pre-made sandwiches to Cafe Rio, I received a phone call from MaRea.

"Kaden just broke his arm," she said it surprising calm considering she nearly fainted Sunday after he cut open his head.

"You're kidding right?" I asked.

"No it's just hanging there."

"So what happened?"

"We were at the park and he was climbing up the ladder to the slide and somehow fell off."

This was the very same park where Kaden played for an hour the night before with nearly 30 teenagers. Starting to worry that MaRea needed some direction I said.

"You need to take him in."

"We're already in the car. I'm not waiting around for you." said MaRea slightly annoyed.

So maybe that wasn't the most useful bit of instructions at the time but it was all I could think to say. I called a couple of clinics and told Lindsey where I would meet them. As I sat in car driving the 30 miles my stomach turned at the thought of my little boy suffering. I was relieved that family and good neighbors were willing to step up and help without being asked.

I walked around the corner and saw my son in the arms of his mother. The band aid covering his two stitches, the dried blood at the corners of his mouth (he used his tongue as a mouth guard) and the arm making a strange angle just before the wrist gave the impression that he had refused to share his toys with the wrong 5 year old. His eyes were aware that dad was there and a calm feeling came into the room. I took him and held him close.

After a few x-rays the doctor at the clinic sent us to the orthopedic specialist in Provo, which was overly cautious since he said told us to leave the splint on and return in a week to see if it needs a hard cast. Linda and Angie had previously made plans to come visit the EM crew (the Smith's and us) and we returned from Provo just in time to eat an early dinner. I sat in the restaurant looking across at my soon to be 3 year old son with a bruised and stitched forehead and a Snoopy sling holding his broken arm and I felt happy to be a dad.

I took Jack and Kade home with me and the girls stayed out for a movie. After Kade woke from his 2 hour nap Riley gave him some pudding.

As he was eating Riley asked "What is that?" pointing to something stuck on his now filthy shirt.

I made a quick examination and replied "Oh it's a mint from dinner, what else would you expect on a day like this."

Less than 24 hours after breaking his arm

Kaden and Jack were playing outside in the water, so we decided to get out the pool. Water was in the pool Jack had already been undressed and released and playing in the water. I look over at Kaden and the thought that I had been worrying was present. There’s nothing better than the summer and a broken arm in a cast. I figured a roll of plastic wrap will do the trick. His cast stayed pretty dry and Kaden was still able to enjoy himself in the sun. What a fun summer we have ahead of us. Stinky, rotten, and moldy cast. I am hoping when he goes to see the doctor again in a week that he can get a water proof cast.


Hess said...

Thanks Kyle for making the update. I am sure it is a lot more interesting to all who read when you do the blogging.

Katy.Chris.Brian said...

Marea I'm so sorry about your little guy. That sounds rough! And congratulations on being pregnant. That's exciting that it's a girl.

ljtalley said...

He is tuff that is all I can say about you little Kade! I bet they love being in the water regardless of the broken arm! HOW FUN!!!

Shanda said...

Hey Marea! I found your blog through Skye's. Congrats on finding out you are having a girl! It was fun checking out your blog! Take Care,

Tashina said...

I still can't believe the luck you guys had last week! I know it was a tough week... I am glad that I could be there to help you guys out at the park, though... I am super excited that we will be having girls together, too! It just seems so weird... What am I supposed to do with a girl? And, sorry about those five extra kids of yours... I guess my three will just have to double team your eight!! :)

Lynette said...

Poor kid!!! Wow...he has had quit the week!!! Boys are soo much fun Tyler (youngest) was just like this...always in the ER!!!!

TnD said...

He is such a touch little guy.

Tibbitts Paperbag said...

I think you are advanced parents. If you can find peace and joy in the bumps a burses of life, you are well on your way to really living life.

theadventursofsidandlinda said...

The stitches, broken arm and smashed toes didn't slow him down at all. His biggest obstacle was the sling which finally had to go because it was too restrictive.

I read Nie