Saturday, April 5, 2008

I have been tagged
Yes it's true I'm actually doing one.

Q. where were you 10 years ago?

I was getting ready to graduate from Mountain Crest. I wanted to move to Oklahoma and become an Herbalist. That is all I could think about leading up to graduation.

Q. 5 things to do on my "to do" list today?

1. Watch general conference
2. Make cinnamon rolls
3. Laundry
4. Shopping
5. Clean my house, sounds like fun huh

Q. 5 foods I enjoy...

1. I love New York Burritos. Kyle doesn’t understand the love I have for them. Seeing how every New York Burrito joint I find goes out of business soon after isn't a good sign. I still love them and could eat them most days of the week
2. Laura's Carmel popcorn
3. Miso Salmon from Hamilton's in Logan
4. Puff strawberries, they're hard to find.
5. Arepas from Venezuela with this cheese that totally stinks. I find myself laying awake at night wishing I could just have one more of these, what I would do for just one!!!

Q. what would you do if you were suddenly a billionaire

Buy a huge farm, build a house and a huge workshop with every wood working tool there is, one just like Norms. Kyle could quite his job and just work with wood all day, he would be in heaven. I would love to buy run down homes and fix them up for fun on the side. NEVER worry about money again. I would love to buy something for each one of siblings something they have always wanted but, would never buy for themselves. How fun would that be.

Kim: I would get her a house of her dreams that she has been planning for years up in the hills of Paradise.
Karen: Escalade,
Brent: Build him his own 18 hole golf course, he can hire dad to mow the lawn.
Dave: 2008 Mastercraft with its own man made Wakeboard Lake and a Cheese and cracker shop that's right on the lake side. He would throw some unforgettable parties.
Mark: A life supply of Depends "diapers".
Laura: A Mini Cooper and a huge ranch with tree huts, rivers, and ponds.
Paul: He would get the Jet of his dreams.
Lindsey: build her a huge library with every love story that has ever been written. She wouldn't ever need to go to Borders or the public library again.
Angie: I would buy Cams heart then crush into a million pieces; no I wouldn't do that I would give her cash so she could travel around the world. She could bask out on the beach and finally win!!! Every year in Hawaii that is her one goal to get darker than me she always looses.

Q.5 jobs I have had...

1. Stuffing transfers. I would day dream in 5th grade about how fast I could do my transfers and how much I could make in an hour the love I had for my transfers. I would even get up early before the school bus picked me up from the office and try to stuff as many as I could to get the day started. That didn't last forever but I did it weird a 5th grader driven by money where can you find that today?

2. Bagging Groceries at Smith's. I got the job because there was a boy that I thought was totally cute who was a checker. It was a motivator to go to work. If you have teenagers and they don't want to get a job. Tell them to find someone they think is cute and apply to work there.

3. NES. I loved this job I worked there for three years. I worked with disabled adults. We would go and do fun things all over Logan. My family loved getting to know several of them. I think Special K was their favorite. I learned so much from this job, I learned how to love the disabled community. Every time I see someone in town or on T.V. I immediately feel an immense amount of love for them. Many times I start to tear up from knowing how much Gods loves these special people. What a blessing they are to all of those who allow them to touch their heart.

4. Nanny in Maryland. It was fun but I am glad I never have to do that again.

5. Sold living Scriptures. The worst summer of my life. I feel bad for every person that bought them; they are probably still paying $34.85 a month for one movie that last 28 minutes.

Q.5 things you don't know about me...

1. I gave Hugo Chavez a Book of Mormon on my mission. I was so sure that he was going to read it and be converted. I even wrote him a follow up letter and tried to send it to his office in Caracas. If I only had that kind of faith now, why do we change?

2. My dream growing up was to become a Master Herbalist and have my own clinic with all my tinctures, huge herb garden. I would treat everything and everyone under the sun. At times I think well, I will just do it in heaven, but we will not get sick so that plan seems to not work.

3. This may sound contrary to what my family thinks or how I was in my younger days. I hate talking about Poo. I don't want to know when someone needs to go and that they just went. I don't even like Kyle to tell me anything about that subject. Believe it! It's true. I still love the fart machine. Give me, my sisters and Wal-Mart and I will have the time of my life for an hour.

4. I love mowing the lawn, doing yard work, well anything that has to do with the yard.

5. I would love to have twins or even triplets. I would love to adopt a child someday.

Q. 5 places I have lived

1. Logan
2. Paris, Vann, France
3. Venezuela
4. New Mexico
5. Maryland


ljtalley said...

I am so excited you did this, and it warms my heart to know that you miss my Karmel corn...hum! That is so funny that you used to dream about your transfers what job can we give our little monkeys that they will love so much they will dream about it in 5th grade...we got to figure this out! Maybe we will just have to make dad give us some transfers for them to stuff too!

ashlee said...

MaRea, how much do i LOVE you? You are the cutest girl, i miss you so bad. I did know a lot of these things about you though:) i am quite surprised about the poo comment though, you are really over that phase? i never thought the day would come:)

MnS said...

"Kyle could quite his job and just work with wood all day, he would be in heaven."
I think Kyle should leave all "wood" alone

Tibbitts Paperbag said...

Knowing what everyone would want for a million dollar gift was so fun. I feel a bit cheated, when i see and learn things about my own siblings I didn't know. I wish I knew and loved you better.

I read Nie