Thursday, February 28, 2008

Don't you love, when you have a kid you get to experience your childhood all over again and again with each child that you have. I only have one but I am sure it is the same with each kid. How many times would you ride down the slide at the park, enjoy every animal at the Zoo like it was the first time you had ever seen an elephant ("Dumbo" In Kaden's world), watch Sesame Street, make a snowman, get out the playdough, and fly a kite. These are just a few of things that I think are incredibly fun to do with Kaden.
Yesterday Kyle, Kaden, and I went to the Zoo. It was fun seeing all the animals that Kaden has been learning the last few months. His favorite animal was the baby giraffe. He was a little perplexed by the elephants he said they were "soooo big." He loved seeing the penguins thanks to Happy Feet.

We took Kaden to the Jazz game, he did great, all he wanted to see was The Bear. The Jazz won thank goodness because Kyle was just about to lose it. To all of you who know Kyle, he is a very calm and loving person, but when it comes to sports there is a beast unleashed from within his soul.


Thatch said...

I can't believe how fast the little guy is growing up! It is so fun to see updated pics of him. It is amazing how you begin to enjoy the simple things again! They are so dang excited how could you not.

The Marcons said...

Hey Marea! I'm soooo glad you have a blog I can stalk. It's pretty much my new favorite past time. After reading your comment this morning I've come to the conclusion that lasagna and strawberries are never a good mix for you. I can't believe all that city center stink was mostly just you. ; ) Our bunko group is the best! You gals are the only thing I miss bout the city center. We need to go bargain shopping together sometime. BTW.. I created my own layout with web scrapbook paper. It's super easy and I'd be happy to help you sometime if you want an update. Peace out for now!


theadventursofsidandlinda said...

I loved seeing the pictures of you at the Zoo and yes, the 8th child is as wonderful and as exciting as the first and every new adventure for them is new for you each time because you joy in the thrill of their discovery. I loved looking and the pictures of the snowman and remembering the straw hat I ran over this morning as I drove out of the driveway and the 3" pile of snow and two sicks beside it. I can still see and hear Kaden singing, 'in the sun it melted, melted, melted, small, small, small. It was wonderful having you here this week end. Do you think you guys could come up on the 23rd of March - It is Easter Weekend or shall we wait until the next week end which is General Conference and celebrate Brent's birthday along with Laura, Mark, Karen and Lindsey's?

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