Saturday, February 9, 2008

I think I hate blogging!!!

I think this woman would have a better chance of getting this whole blogging thing figured out without giving up several times.
I have not blogged for a long time. The last several posts have been from Kyle hence the lack of photos. We had the internet for sometime thanks to, well who knows one of our neighbors, and then they secured their line. What were they thinking didn't they understand we depended on them. Don't say you have never surfed off someone’s wireless network. Kyle finally convinced me that it would be worth the money to get our own line. You could say that I am beyond CHEAP; I especially hate to spend money on things that I was getting for Free. It was a secret sin that I loved and would probably still be committing if someone around me had an unsecured network. To all of you have your network open to the rest of the world I thank you. Getting to the point why I think I hate blogging. I thought I might TRY to change our boring web page to something new and exciting. When I did that it erased my links, pictures all the new things I learned how to do in the blogging world. So the question is, do I tread through these hard times of bogging, or just give up the ghost?


Becka and Bennett said...

Marea! I'm so glad your back to the blogging world! I could never get my widgits to stay when i used pyzam the thousand free templates so i say dont use those templates or let me know if you figure out a way to use them without losing your widgits. Blogging really isnt that hard you just have to get the hang of it! Good luck and I for sure say stick with it!

Katy.Chris.Brian said...

Don't give up! Hang in there for the rest of us so that we can see your cute family!

ashlee said...

give up the ghost MaRea? you are hilarious! yay though, a post from YOU finally!!! i'm so excited. put a pic of Kade up, i haven't seen him in forever!!! i miss you, call me for cryin' out loud:)

TnD said...

Finally a MaRea post. I look every week with hopes that there will be at least some new picks of the fam. don't worry about all the bells and whistles, just some of your witty comments will suffice and of course new Kaden stories.

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