Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dirty Dishes??

( Buy at Lowe's in the paint section)

Have you been cursing your dishwasher? It's not your dishwasher. In July they started a ban in sixteen states of the sale of dishwasher detergent that contains high levels of phosphates. The environmentalist thought it was best to keep our dishes dirty. States instituting the rule include Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. If there is a way around government control I will find it. I planed a trip across the broder to buy some detergent that actually cleans the dishes. Come to find out, most of the dishwasher detergents have taken all the phosphate out of their detergent, making them worthless. Cascade is the worst. I'm sure the government paid them millions of dollars to do so.

Solution, to your dirty dishes awaits you in Lowe's paint aisle. It is Called TSP. Add a teaspoon of powder in with your detergent. If you use powdered detergent put in 1/3 cup and mix it in. Play around with how much works best with your detergent and dishwasher. Everyone head on over to Lowe's and buy as much TSP that will fit in your over sized SUV;)! I will make sure my fellow Tea Party buddies receive a nicely wrapped box of TSP on their doorstep. I plan on being a human billboard for this solution. Once the word gets out, sales volume of TSP is going to sky rocket. If you disagree with the use of TSP you are welcome to come and pre wash all my dishes before I put them in the dishwasher.


The Riggs said...

You are right Marea....and I did cross the border to buy dishsoap and my dishes STILL are not that clean :( I will definately go buy this product!

Jessica Newman said...

I am ALL OVER THIS!!! We don't have a lowe's close by but I'll hit up the local hardware store -I SO hope they have it!!! Thanks a million for the tip!

emily ballard said...

You are always full of the best tips. Our new rabbit ears are great. The signal isn't even disrupted when someone stands up in the room. Now we just need to find better placement so I don't feel like we're stuck in the 80's.

Did I tell you I got a new iphone from the Apple store? (They replaced it under warranty. . . no liquid sensors had been triggered.) So I don't need your brother to fix that old one anymore, but thanks for getting me the info.

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