Monday, May 3, 2010

April Overload

Easter Party

Avery made a really cute little bunny, for a minute. She had such a fun time eating candy and playing with the big kids.

Marsha had a killer Easter Party for the kids. These little cupcakes were to die for, coconut makes everything good. Such cute ides for cupcakes, bird nest, baby chick, and a rabbit. It was activity after activity of complete joy. They made an easter basket out of ribbon and paper plates, colored eggs, hit a pinata, played games, and decorated cupcakes.

This little bunny, would eat the candy off the cupcake as fast as I put it on. I don't blame her.


We had a great time at the Aquarium with Max and Hudson. I think it is such a wonderful thing that our kids get to see and handle mother nature. You can touch the sting ray, star fish and other stinky wet things.

These two already have the hots for each other. How could they not they are both the cutest kids alive.
Avery could not get enough of the aquarium. She was talking up a storm. If only I new what she was saying. Her sweet little voice with complete and utter amazement of all Gods creations. Such gratitude these little souls show!

My little monkey!

Baby Animal Day

I loved this old Mountain Man, doesn't he look so authentic! Kade was a little intimidated by his stature. He was unsure about getting that close, he manned up and got a quick photo. I love the passion Kade has for life!

Sweet little baby duck .

Who would think that a baby calf is cool, when you see them everywhere? Kade loved, this stinky, dirty animal.

Pigs are such ugly little things, but we all think they are cute, weird? I loved watching Kade immerse himself in the joy and innocence of new life. Spring, what a beautiful time of year, it brings hope, new life, light, warmth, and kids playing outside.

Girls Vegas Trip

We had a wonderful time leaving our kids and husbands at home and chilling with nothing to do but, relax! I loved sitting by the pool with treats, drinks, music, and great friends. My most favorite part of any trip is to people watch. I could do that all day long, people are so interesting. Thanks Jill, for the sweet hook-up at the Venetian hotel.

Happy Anniversary


Roe Family said...

your little girl is such a cuttie!!! It's no surprise because she's yours of course... Looks like you guys had a great April can't wait for may!!!

Lindsey Smith said...

That pic of Kaden looking at that baby chic made my heart pitter patter, I love that little smile of his:) I want to simply eat Avery!

The Drysdale's said...

MaRea you are such an amazing photographer I love all of these pictures you took in April. I think I will print Avery's bunny picture and frame it on my wall like she was my own. I had so much fun in Vegas I just keep thinking we need to go again in like well like NOW!

Pitcherpost said...

those easter pictures of avery are especially beautiful! I'm glad you got to go on a fun girls trip. I've been trying to butter up zach to let me go on a girls trip to vegas too!

Evan and Amber said...

I am so glad you gave me this blog address. I can't believe how big your babies are and how cute they are. I have loved to see what you and your family have been up to. I think that your pictures are amazing.

The Marcons said...

Your kiddos are so stinkin cute! Payden's swim lessons cost $120 for the two week course. Her teacher is in PG and has her own pool. I've heard of a couple other teachers in Lindon and Orem. I'm sure they're all over though. The lessons were definitely worth the price though. She really loves the water. The lessons are hard to watch though especially at the beginning because the teachers practically drown the kids to teach them how to survive. Prepare yourself for a lot of screaming. Call me if you want to know more about it!

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