Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Updtae

Boating at Lake Walcot

Kade and Kyle setting up the tent on the 4th of July in Idaho. It was great fun with the whole Thatcher crew. We went up to Lake Walcot in Idaho. It was a lot of fun, you don't get the Thatcher Family camping together very often.

Go karting with Kade and Kyle. Our last lap Kyle smashed the back of my go-kart and I was pinned. I sat there thinking someone would come and pull me out. I waited....., then decided to pull myself out.

We were lucky enough to get to watch Jack all week. They had so much fun, Kade would wake up and say " what fun thing are we going to do today?" We will miss our "Jackels".

Yesterday I went looking for the boys, in the sand box. I hear Kade saying " Jack you pull them out like this." I was a little mad that they pulled most the beets before the were ready, but really how could I be mad at these two cute faces. They filled Kade's wheelbarrow full of beets.

Avery in a pile of beets in the wheelbarrow, we believe in innoculating our baby girl at birth from the mosquitoes. They will soon learn her blood is very SOUR.

Last Saturday Kade pulled all the radishes out of the garden and put them in a cute little basket for grandma. Planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, and cooking the veggies are the highlight of Kades summer.

Kade and his basket of goodies.

Fishing with Max, they thought they had died and gone to heaven. The didn't catch a fish, but poked one with their fishing poles, they thought that was way cool!

Kade was begging Kyle to help him shovel concrete. He found his little shovel and boots all by himself, then just looked at Kyle and said "just let me daddy, please!" How could you say no to a boy who just wants to help his dad.

It was Angie's Birthday July 20th, we all went to to Hyrum Damn to go boating. The kids had more fun on the beach than in the boat.

Jack and Grandma

Brynlee eating her 3rd piece of watermelon, I don't think there is a cuter little girl!
Ok, mine is pretty cute TOO!

The Birthday girl and the kids.

Brynlee trying to give Avery, just ONE kiss!

Avery eating some dirt at Hyrum Dam.

We went and visited Grandma Hess a few weeks ago, well maybe we should have stayed home. Kaden got a hold of the Roundup and thought it would be fun to water the lawn. This is the great piece of art work that he created. It looks like a very creative alien.


Lindsey Smith said...

Those were some GREAT pics. I love Kade in his boots and shovel helping his daddy, SO CUTE!!!!!! LOve you guys!!

emily ballard said...

Hyrum Damn? Nice.

And the Roundup? Impressive work.

Fun pictures... and I'd love to learn more about the beets and mosquitos since I've never heard about that one.

Tashina said...

It looks like you guys are having a fantastic summer! I love how much Kaden wants to help- shoveling concrete, picking beets, and watering Grandma Hess' lawn! I can't believe how grown up our kids are! Miss you!

The Drysdale's said...

You saved the best pic for last. Kade and my Dad are two peas in a pod that is usually his job to accidentally spray my lawn with round up. Looks like you have been pretty busy. I am calling you within 24 hours pick up. :)

Kelli said...

mareah, hey its kelli, i just found your blog don't know where i have been, what a darling look so beautiful as always. hope ya don't mind but i am adding you you to my list.

Melissa and Brent Thatcher said...

Loved the pictures! What adorable kids - gotta love the warm weather :)

Jessica Newman said...

WOW! what a full and fun summer! ok I TOTALLY miss you! When are you coming to visit me!? You'd be so proud we're totally finishing our basement -FINALLY!

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