Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hawaii 2009

This was a the top of a hike to see a lighthouse. We were told that this is the best place to whale watch. It was still whale season, but we didn't see a single whale.

It was such perfect day for a hike, the wind was blowing, the sun was hiding behind clouds, the tempature was perfect. Kade only makes it about ten steps and wants to be carried the whole way. I am hoping that he will soon realize that we can't go hiking if he wants to be carried the whole way.
This guy would do a back flip into the water.
I have such love for feet, every girl needs her toes done. You can be fat, pregnant and ugly. You can get your toes done and you feel like something is cute. I love Avery's little toes. She had a french Manicure within the first week that she was born.
The whole 2009 crew in front of the Hukilau Beach sign right next to our house. I think this is the only picture we got of us all.
New favorite place to eat in Haleiwa. It is tai food, that will make you wanting more, dreaming of it when you leave for weeks. If you are in Hawaii this is a must try place to eat on the North Shore.
Best burger I have ever eaten. On of the favorite places to eat when we are in Hawaii. All the great places to eat are in Haleiwa.
Swimming in fresh water is so refreshing. Don't worry Sid did NOT get in.
The only reason Kade smiled and looked at the camera....we bribed him with a sucker!
Avery at Sunset beach, right before the sunset. To bad it started raining so we didn't see the spectacular sunset.

Little miss Brynlee

The great debate: who has the best shaved ice, Aoki's or Matsumoto's ? I think they are just about the same. The tourisits like Matsumotos for the name and fame, the locals like Aoki's.

In front of Aoki's

This photo is random I know, we think she is going to be the next piano prodige.

Kyle and Kade at the Zoo in Waikiki.

Kenzie is so sweet with baby Avery, she is always the first one to ask to hold her, feed her, and love her. I think it is so darn cute!
Angie, Nichole, MaRea

The Dole Plantation is always a hit on a rainy day.

Grandma would take the kids on a walk on the beach every morning. The kids LOVED going, they would be gone for hours sometimes. They always brought home several treasures they found on their exersion. Thanks mom for being so wonderful to all of our kids!
Aunt Angie, had so much fun with the kids, crab hunting!! They loved it, I mean how could you not? All the kids had their own flash light, and run along the beach scavenging for their next victim. Kade came in so excited to to show us all that they caught.

Kade trying to find his perfect stick for the marshmellow roast.
It is an official tradition for the Thatcher family to have a camp fire, behind the house on the beach. The last two years it has started to rain on us it has always cleared up in a few minutes. This year we made tin foil dinners and roasted mallows. There is nothing better than a tin foil dinner, I could eat them every night, maybe it is just that we are outside with a campfire.

Kade trying on some snorkel gear at Hanuma Bay.

This picture was to funny to pass up, Really....who sits at the hot sunny beach in shoes and pants? A kid even asked dad " what are you doing on the beach with shoes and pants on?" Dad was such a sport, he just sat in the sand reading his book, I think he even made it for longer than an hour!!

Is there anything more sweet than this face!

Such a sweet little girl, we sure love her!!

Kade hanging out with some turtles on the North Shore.

Watching the kite sailers on the North Point. This is always a fun activity on Sundays. Kade has such a hard time understanding why we don't get to swim on sundays. There really is no easy explanation to a three year old.
This was her first time touching sand, I think she was a little perplexed.

It was so fun watching the boys chase the waves back and forth. The could have been out on the beach everyday all day. The had such a wonderful time toghether.

This picture does not do justice, to how adorable Brynlee looked in her cherry swimsuit!


Katy said...

What a fun vacation!! It makes me crave a trip to Hawaii! Next time I think I'm going to tag along with you guys:)

Amy said...

SO FUN!!! I love seeing all of you out there under the Hawaiian sun. Your dad makes me giggle. I'm absolutely sure it would be the same with mine if we were in Hawaii. Pants and shoes. I love it.

Tashina said...

I am so glad that you guys got to go on such a great vacation- even though I am still totally jealous! And, I love your dad in his pants and shoes on the beach!! So funny!

Taryl said...

Looks like fun! I need to go again. My brother has been stationed there for the last 3-4 years and i never went while he was there... i woulda had a free place to stay!!! I still need to try this so-called famous shaved ice. I thought ice was ice anywhere you went. apparently not. :)

emily ballard said...

Wow. You are one lucky girl! I still haven't ever been to Hawaii. But I know who to talk to about food when I plan my first trip. My girls would go crazy over those turtles.

I still say the best snowcones are in Vernal. I would know, since at my peak, I was eating three per day.

Roe Family said...

Sooo much fun... And I'm so with ya on always have your toes painted!!! If i ever go to Hawaii I'll defenetly be giving you a call..

Becka and Bennett said...

O how I love Hawaii! Everything looks so beatiful and exactly how I remember it. We went to alot of the same places so its fun to see your pictures. Remember when I told you I didnt want to live in Hawaii... what was I thinking? I would love to be in Hawaii right about now! You kids are darling and Avery is getting so big! What an awesome vacay for your family, so lucky to have a house connection in Hawaii! SO jealous!

The Drysdale's said...

These pictures are amazing! I am never that tempted to go to Hawaii until now it looks like so much fun. The pictures with Avery in her sun hat are so adorable.

Melanie said... you live in hawaii now? I only dream about being there. Someday! I miss you and your cute fam. You look way good, and cute, cute toes! Let me know when you are down EM way again and we'll have to go swimming!

Olga Clark said...

Yep, it looks like you live in Hawaii, do you have extra room for guests?:)We really do miss you guys, say hi to Kaden from me

The knights are in said...

I am so jealous of you and all your Hawaii trips!!! It looks like you had loads of fun and your kids are growing up so big and way to cute for their own good. We have missed you here in Eagle Mountain. Summer is just not going to be the same without the Hess Family. (That is if summer ever comes and the rain ever stops) When you come for a visit you better let us know that you are in town . . . and not because you only want you package -k-. Hope to see you soon babe!

The Drysdale's said...

Guess what I lost my phone so I do not have your old number. Dax had surgery last week and is not quite recovered, but if he is feeling up to it by the end of the week lets definately do lunch. Call me at my home phone its 563-5973.

The Summers said...

How fun! I LOVED Hawaii when I went. Your kids are so cute! It was fun to see your post a while ago. I'm sorry it has took me so long to respond. New baby...makes me not too organized! Keep in touch.

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