Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE HALLOWEEN for more than one reason. As a kid Robbie and I would get our huge pillow cases and start trick-or-treating at 5:00 and go until 9:00 pm. We would run from house to house without a break by the end of the night our pillow cases were FULL. To this day I support kids of all ages trick-or-treating. Kyle and I had a debate on what age was too old to go trick-or-treating, I won there is no age limit, but you do have to dress up if you want candy. I love that the next few months there is family all around, there is nothing more enjoyable than getting all 10 siblings together and just sitting in our kitchen at the farm talking four hours. I love that the snow is coming, hot coco with cream. And did I mention SKI season, ok so it's a little different when you’re married with kids, but I can still dream of skiing at The Beav 4 times a week for free thanks to the ski school. Ok, Ok, so back to Halloween and the love of candy. I think my son Kade has that some love for candy, not a good thing! He loved running from house to house getting a new prize in his" bucket of junk." Here are a few pictures of our Halloween.

Avery was dressed up as a little skunk, there wasn't a cuter skunk around, ok Jack was a pretty cute skunk too. Last year after Halloween Children’s Place had there costumes for $1.99 how could I not buy every size of skunk they had in???


Roe Family said...

Your way to stinking cute Mareah!!

Jenny said...

Cute Kids MaRea... I can't believe you have 2 of them! You look fabulous by the way, and I love your long hair!

I will add more pics of my house just for you! I guess I just forgot to include the hallway and the bathroom & my room were a disaster! I don't know the name of the paint color - the accent wall is really dark brown and the other one is just a neutral color. Cade's Room is either tinderbox or tavern taupe I can't remember. I can get it for you if you'd like. We got the back splash tile for our kitchen at lowes and it turned out better than I had expected. I need to know how you got all of your appliances for $1200 - that is really impressive!

Did you finish your basement to help sell your house? How is that going?

Why don't I see big political posts on your blog... I got a kick out of Laura's blog and all of Brent's comments!

The Drysdale's said...

That is the cutest little skunk I have ever seen good job! Good job on you too you just look so beautiful everytime you post a picture. I took off a day to come see you last Wednesday, but then I hadn't arranged with you and it wasn't going so smoothly so I just made it to Syracuse, but I still want to get together so I can hold that baby.

ljtalley said...

Very stinking punt intended! Kade makes a pretty cute little ninja! What fun times Halloween time was and still is! I was trying my best to make Thatcher want to continue getting more candy. but he was done after about 1/2 hour.

The Marshall Fam said...

Way cute! I love Halloween, too--almost as much as Christmas!

Dan and Marsha said...

maria, that is so cute, that is exactly the same costume emmy wore for halloween, she was a little skunk to, did you get it from children's place!!

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