Monday, November 3, 2008

Avery has been blessed

This is the look that Avery gets right as she is falling asleep. I think it is so darn cute, she gets those little smiles the whole time as she is drifting off to never never land.

Sunday was such a perfect day everything went just perfect. Why does blessing your baby have to be stressful? I guess all things worth doing need a little stress to add into the mix of things. Avery looked absolutely gorgeous, I didn't want the day to end, or my sweet baby girl to get one day older. She was exceptionaly good on Sunday, she slept all day. She has been having stomach issues so we got some drops to help with her stomach, I have a new baby.

My mom made Avery's dress 27 years ago; yes can you believe it something made it through the Thatcher household after 27 years. Lindsey washes Bridal gowns and said she could make it look new again. She did a wonderful job I couldn't have been more pleased. She washed and steamed the dress, it brought tears to my eyes when I saw it, thanks Linz!

These are the little girls enjoying themselves at the kids table, too cute!

Avery and Grandma Hess

After the blessing we all come over to
our house to have brisket. There is no
better meal than brisket. We figured if we had the family coming we had to make something really good to make up for the LONG drive, we know, we know we live in the middle of Delta.


ashlee said...

MaRea, I haven't got to TALK to you in person, so i guess we'll just communicate through the blogging:) I must say I have never met someone with as many cell phone issues as you my friend! Anyways, Avery's blessing pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I love that she wore your dress, how special! You look flat out amazing too, what's your secret girl? I miss you tons and I'm dying to hear about your house closing too! Hope to talk to you soon:)

Amy said...

She looks adorable! The dress is unbelievable. Priceless!!

Chelsea said...

i'm so glad to hear the mylicon worked!!

was that your niece sitting right behind you on sunday? the brown curly hair with freckles? she is one of the cutest little girls i have ever seen!

RoBiN said...

MaRea, what a perfect day! Avery looks like an angel in her blessing dress! Your kids are dang cute! You look soo beautiful yourself! Wow, you have a nice house too! Congradulations on the blessing of your babe!

ljtalley said...

I have been waiting for these pictures. She looks absolutly adorable! Oh my gosh what a beautiful little monkey! It is so funny how much I miss those small things like baby blessings. I would have giving just about anything to have been there!

Zach and Megan Jones said...


You have a beautiful family and it sounds like the blessing and family gathering went great. She is a super cute little one (we're excited for ours to arrive also). My congrats and best wishes. ZJ

Melanie said...

Avery looks beautiful and I love the dress! I am so mad we were out of town for the blessing. Looks like you had a special day! I'm coming over to see you soon.

Beans Blog said...

Hi! you commented on my blog about the cute apron. My mom makes them and sells them online. If you want her patterns i can get you her email address. I could email it to you or something. The online store is awesome and has other really cute homemade things my sisters have made...its at this url.
AND If you want to see my sisters vintage home-made hair-bow online store it is at Our family loves them! Thanks for the comment and comment again if you want my moms email address. Give me yours when you do it. Thanks!

Beans Blog said...

oh actually i just found out she has a public email address where you can order her aprons and i am sure if you told her i sent you there she would give you the place where she got the patterns at. But buying them is a lot easier sometimes. Haha. They are each named after my sisters and I and neices and nephews. Fun huh! Her email is

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