Monday, October 22, 2007

Is This Right??

Kaden LOVES to try on anything that is a little weird that might get some extra attention. Some of his favorite things to try on lately are bras and baskets on his head. I guess I could be a little worried about the bra thing, I figure I might as well let him explore it now rather than when he is 15.


Melissa & Brent Thatcher said...

I laughed so hard when I saw this photo! How dang cute. So glad we see you guys, he's growing so quickly!

Thatch said...

This picture is so funny. It reminds me of a "fun" art project that Thatcher has been taking up lately. He likes to take his diper off and poo paint all over the walls. We are now going on the 3rd. He thinks it is so got me!

Chelsea said...

LOL i'm so glad my son isn't the only one inclined to putting a bra around his neck. it's been a while, though, so hopefully it's now a distant bad habit.

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