Thursday, October 18, 2007

Best Friends

Ok, so I am really bad on keeping up with my blog. I love to read every ones blog, and not update my own. So these pictures are from when Laura and Thatchy were leaving for Georgia a few months ago. Kade and Thatcher absolutely love each other, all they want to do is play all day and night together. Kaden has really missed Thatcher being gone. We have picture of Kaden and Thatcher in Paul and Dads airplane on our desktop kaden loves to look at it and say Thatchy, Thatchy. Kade and Thatchty thought it would be fun to sit in Grandmas flowers and pick some, aren't they SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! They also thought it would be fun to take a ride on the " Jabot" to see it they could find some hot chicks around the farm

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