Monday, November 8, 2010

Grandpa's and Vomit

I held on as tightly an eight year old could, but my very unfamiliar cousin was unaware that the strings on the back of the saddle were not intended has handlebars for a second rider. He decided to kick old Pal into high gear and that is when I bailed. Unfortunately my ungraceful fall was face first into the recently cut alfalfa. When Grandpa Myler saw me lying on the couch he said what any Idaho-aged farmer would say, "What the hell are you doing? Quit your crying and get back out there." As the youngest of 7 children I don't have many memories with either of my grandfathers, but those I do have I will cherish forever.

Grandpa Hess 1989
This month marks 5 years since my father has passed away. The last few years of his life were wrought with pain, discomfort and despair. It was extremely difficult for all of us to see how such a large, strong man could be decimated by disease. In February of that year he had his second open heart surgery to replace a valve. Against all our hopes he never fully recovered from this surgery. He was in and out of the hospital from that time until his passing in November. Kade was born that same year in August and though I knew that he would never know who my dad really was, I hoped that Kaden would grow old enough to at least remember him. As we neared the day of Kaden's blessing I became even more concerned that his health would prevent my dad from participating. But by some miracle both of Kaden's grandfather's stood in the circle that day. It wasn't much, but Kaden will always know that his grandpa Hess was there for him that day. I will always be saddened that Kaden will have to wait until after this life to be with grandpa Hess, for he was a truly great man.

Grandpa Thatcher 2010
My sadness for that loss has been quelled this weekend by the loving acts of his other grandpa. As we sat in the kitchen Saturday Sid said, "I think I'll go down to California." In a not so serious manner I replied, "Oh good you can take Kaden with you." So an hour later there we were loading their brand new car full of treats and movies to keep Kaden occupied for the 12 hour drive. MaRea and I were excited for the opportunity that Kaden had to have Grandpa Thatcher all to himself. MaRea was especially excited for she knew how much fun a road trip with Grandpa was. We anxiously waited to hear about their trip. The next morning when we called Sid and asked about their drive, to our surprise, he said it didn't go so good. Kaden had vomited in their brand new car. I began to get very nervous that it made the trip miserable for Sid, but before we could beg his forgiveness for our weak stomached boy he said, "Its all our fault. We fed him all sorts of crap. And when we stopped I got him some more crap. I never got anything healthy for him." You could tell in his voice that he was sincere and that he wasn't disgusted by the mess Kaden made, he was only concerned about helping him. After a stop to clean up what he could of the disaster, Kaden fell asleep and they finished the drive. As we talked with Sid he was happy to report that Kaden's carseat had been stripped, washed and was hanging out to dry, and with what seemed like a bit more pride that Kaden was the first kid awake that morning. Of course Kaden was off playing with his cousins and had no interest in talking to us.

Knowing that your children are loved by others may be the most gratifying experience as a parent. But to see those acts of love in motion will endure the doer of such acts to your heart forever. I will be forever grateful that Kaden will have this memory and many others with a Grandpa that will be there for him, teaching him, loving him and of course making him laugh.


Dan and Marsha said...

that made me teary eyed...this is why families were so important to heavenly father...i think our kids need more than just us!!

MaRea Hess said...

I love your post so much more than mine. That is why I don't blog in hopes that I get to read your eloquent words! Thanks for reminding me everyday why I married you:)!!

Lindsey Smith said...

That was so sweet. I cried the whole time, I know your just shocked;) Dad has such a sweet heart, I love when he shows it to our little ones! Love you buys!

Kacie said...

I loved your Dad. That made me cry.

The Drysdale's said...

I loved reading this. I am trying to wrap it up for the night and calm my mind to sleep and this was just so beautiful to read and reflect on. Thanks for posting Kyle.

Laura said...

Thanks for making me remember and be grateful for the time we have with our loved ones. I had so many memories flood back to me of my dad who passed over 13 yrs ago. Thanks again.

theadventursofsidandlinda said...

Thank you Kyle for the sweet reminder to us all of Sid's good heart and his desire and willingness to please when given the chance. Kade is such a sweet boy with a big heart and lots of love to give. I am missing him and Avery TERRIBLY.

I read Nie