Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Overload

I know, I know, I have way to many pictures of Halloween posted! I haven't done any scrap booking or journaling in the past months or years so this it, this counts as both. My poor kids are so deprived of a mother who loves them and has their lives chronologically indexed. Get over it kids things aren't changing:).

We had a wonderful time trick-or-treating down in Ogden with Kyle's family. Kyle has the most wonderful brother in the world. My family thinks Kyle is nearly perfect in every way, I tell them they haven't met his brother Travis. The man cooks, gardens, cleans, serves, works hard and is dedicated, kind, genuine, and never stops serving! Those are just a few wonderful things he shares with those he meets. Kyle's father passed away the first year we were married so I often think of Travis as how Kyle's dad must have been.

Avery only cared about one thing, the candy bars in her bucket! Have I mentioned she is becoming so spoiled and might I say a brat. Love and Logic is not even working.

Halloween Night was gorgeous, it was perfect!

Kade and Tyler had a blast.

The Trick-or-treating crew. Justin was the Grim Reaper, Rachel was Hanna Montana, Tyler was Optimus Prime, Kade a Pirate.

Kyle and Avery, these two together warms my heart.

Carving Pumpkins

Avery was a Skunk again. Last year I bought two skunk costumes for $1.99 at Children's Place, She was using both! Plus I couldn't resist she is so stinking CUTE!

My delicious Skunk.

Kade at school with his teacher. He is loving preschool, I think he would go everyday if he could. I miss little man when he is gone.
Kade thinks pirates act like Ninjas. He was a Ninja last year so, I guess he thinks Halloween costumes are a progressive thing, why not?


Lindsey Smith said...

Love the pics!! Little Avery was a delicious skunk:) I like the wig on kyle, maybe he should grow his hair out;)

TnD said...

Speaking of Kyle, it sounds like you got the short end of the stick :). But really, who couldn't love Kyle and of course your little skunk and pirate boy. I'm excited to see you on girl's weekend.

The Marcons said...

The ninja pirate cracks me up! His costume is pretty sweet. Glad you had such a fun Halloween!

Tashina said...

Kade looks awesome in his costume! And, Avery, if it's possible, looks cuter as a skunk this year!

Chez Prier said...

I love the skunk! And the makeup for that pirate was awesome! Your the mom that all the kids will be talking about!

Pitcherpost said...

cute cute pictures, I love Kyle's hair, Kade's eye makeup, and that you spent less then $2 on a cute costume!

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