Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kade's Long Awaited Halloween Party!!

Kade has been waiting, and waiting for his special Halloween dinner party for all his buddies. We started planning and talking about it way to early. It was one solid month of getting asked everyday how many days until his party. Kade and all of his friends had a blast.

These are some of the fun treats they had to eat. The eyeballs are doughnut holes dipped in white chocolate stabbed with a fork, Carmel apples, and creature cupcakes.

My mom dressed up as a which. She was such a fantastic witch, the kids loved her.

Kade insisted I be a Pirate too, this is the best picture I have.

The Haunted Mansion Dinner party for all the boys. It turned out great we got black plastic table wrap and made a little room, lighted some candles, and turned on the fogger, I forgot the scary music:(!

They loved the fake bloody hand.

They each got their own mummy goblet. I went through three sets of goblets to find the perfect ones, I love them!

Eyeballs and spaghetti, they actually tasted really good too! You just put a green olive in the middle of the eye ball.

The pirate host, this little man was in heaven all day!

Megatron, played by Max.

The one and the only Mr. Incredible, played by Jack.

The deadly Dracula, played by Ryland. He was so worried that his face paint was just perfect.

Indiana Jones, played by Carson.

The famous Magician, played by James.

Optimus Prime, played by Tyler.


Melissa and Brent Thatcher said...

looks like fun!!! Can't wait to see photos of the amazing Murder Mystery!

Lindsey Smith said...

Jack LOVED it. I tryed to throw away the invitation and he threw a fit. Such a WONDERFUL party!!!!!

Kacie said...

oh man! I am so sad that Fred missed the party. He ended up getting really sick and missing out on grandmas party as well so it was a bad day. He liked showing everyone that come over to our house the sweet invitation though. He carried that thing with him for days.

Please say your doing it again next year???

Taryl said...

how fun! bet they loved it.

emily ballard said...

wow, cool party. those decorations were great!

Tashina said...

How fun! You're such a creative chica! And, Kade's costume looks great!

The Drysdale's said...

Wow! I mean Wow! What an amazing party. You are an amazing mother.

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