Monday, February 16, 2009

Last Three Months

Avery before trying her first round of carrots.

Avery after trying carrots, I guess we will wait a bit longer!!

Kyle thinks this picture is so funny of her, I don't know why?

Avery's number one fan, her cousin Brynlee

Avery showing off her cute dress from Melissa C.

Kyle reading stories before bedtime. Carson and Brynlee always join in when they're around

Kade's first attempt at skiing. We tried a few small hills at the farm, then just went back and forth on the lane. He did great for his first time, but he was too distracted by his cousins feeding the fish in the pond.

Here's the gun we heard about for 2 months prior to Shristmas. He kept telling us that Santa was going to bring him a "little gun with something in it to shoot monsters and bad guys."

Grandma Thatcher passed out tiny trees for all the kids to decorate. He became very involved in this.

The burning of the tree this year was great. Though we only had one tree, the flames were spectacular and before going to bed around 2 am we noticed that the rest of the pile had caught on fire. Good thing it was foggy that night or someone would have call the fire department about the 25 foot flames.

Kade, Thatcher and Carson getting ready for a ride behind the four wheeler.

We think she's quite cute, don't you?


emily ballard said...

Yes, she is quite cute. Especially since she looks like YOU (not Kade).

The burning of the tree looks like some good times.

The knights are in said...

We miss you guys! Bryd has decided to name his and Abby's kids after You, Kyle, and Kade to remember you (his words) And every time Paedy see's kids playing in your old front yard she asks to go over to see MaRea. I can't believe how big Avery has gotten! What a cutie pie!!! Keep having fun in Logan and remember to check in with those you are still stuck in Eagle Mountain.

P90X Group said...

I feel bad for everyone who doesn't get to hold the little mutt. I think she is SO wonderful and sweet.

The Drysdale's said...

You sure got two cute little stinkers. Please bring them over again soon. I need more time to hold Avery to help convince me I do need another baby.

Tibbitts Paperbag said...

LOVE the photo journal! Cute does not quite cover how dang cute you all are! The bed time photos and skiing shots are like little snippits of "what matters most" in life. So sweet.

Andie Bonze said...

Omgsh These are adorable! I didnt know about the fire! That is funny! I love the pics of Avery! She is adorable and I cant wait till I see her again! I am pretty sure that we are going to come visit you people up in Logan Sunday. I love you guys!~!

Tashina said...

I can't believe how big Avery is getting! This is such a fun stage! Mason is missing Kade every day... It's actually pretty cute when he stands in front of the window and insists that you guys will be coming back "any minute"!

Melanie said...

Avery is a doll and Yes, I agree she looks a lot like you!

Brownfamily said...

We miss you guys tremendously. How is Logan? I love seeing all of the sweet pictures of your family.

Marhea we know how much you miss Eagle Mountain...LOL

Melissa and Brent Thatcher said...

soooo great. Love the photos - they're such a great update.

cole & jacee said...

yes, she's cute rea :)! i love the carrot shot - bailey threw up her 1st time carrots immediately after swallowing, and never ate them again until *NOW*. have you chewed on the bone i posted? :) hopefully we'll see you soon!

TnD said...

A is so scrumptious. Why don't you and Kyle come to visit again, so the newest cousins can meet?

ljtalley said...

Very cute pictures!

I read Nie