Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanksgiving in Palm Springs

I was a little skeptical driving with two kidos to California, but Avery and Kade were little angels. Avery slept the whole way their and back, it was a dream come true. Kade he was in Curious George heaven. We bought him the movie, well worth the $15.00 spent at Wal-Mart!!

We drove to Las Vegas and stayed the night and went shopping the next day. If you have not seen a Cirqu De Sole show in Vegas it is a must see event. They are a little $$$ pricey but well worth the experience. I think I know why I don't live close to an Indian reservation, Las Vegas, or any place that has a legal Black Jack table. Time for a little confession I played Black Jack from 10:00 pm until 6:00 am. I think it is my new favorite sin to commit, as I said it is a good thing I don't live close to the border of Utah.

We had a great Thanksgiving in Palm Springs this year with the gorgeous weather. Mark and Sharee are always such wonderful hosts, their fridge is always stocked with drinks, ice cream, fruit, and it’s well stocked with goodies. Sharee and Tara made such a delicious Thanksgiving feast. We ate late as you can see because Mark and Dave's families came and meet us in Vegas to see the show " The O" so we got back and had to get things put together for our "Thatcher feast"

I guess this is hype about our Redneck family. I don't see it as redneck just a little Thatcher fun. We went up behind Mark's house and tried out his own personal arson, holy cow I didn't know that one man needed so many guns. We shot clay pigeons always a good time; Angie was surprisingly good at the whole shotgun thing. She was way to proud of her well earned bruises on her shoulder.

Rachel getting ready to take off on the motorcycle!!! This is one thing I absolutely love about Dave. He wants everyone to have such a good time. He spent 10 minutes helping Rachel get on all her gear. Rachel’s first time in the mountains on a motorcycle, she did

Kade shot his first 22, he thought it was the greates thing ever. Zoom in and check out his face so funny.

We went to SeaWorld with the Thatcher crew. Kade absoultley loved everything about it. He couldn't get enough of the dolphines. There was nobody their so we had the park to ourselves. We didn't have to wait in line once for the rides. Kade got to go an the Atlantis ride, he thought ti was really fun but when we were done I asked him if he wanted to go again and he said no.

MaRea, Kyle, and Kade on the ride Atlantis
Avery just chilling out in the stroller, such a sweet baby!


Rayanna Hogg said...

Looks like a super FUN Thanksgiving party!!! It's always a redneck party when the Thatchers are around! LOL

Tashina said...

Not gonna lie... I am definitely jealous of your Thanksgiving trip! I am glad that you guys had so much fun! Kade looks so cute at Sea World!

Tibbitts Paperbag said...

It was really a wonderful couple of days. Everything you said about the Thatcher Families in California, is soooo true, they loved serving us and bring enjoyment to our families, I hope they enjoyed it as much as we surly did.
I know i poked alot of fun at our unorthodox family on my blog, but a part of me thinks that living outside the box of CONVENTIONAL what ever, allows a bit more freedom of expression. The stupid lazy, selfish, uneducated stuff is our past!

Miriam Lee said...

SOOOO funto see pics and "catch up" with your whole clan!!! So much respect and fond memories with this family!!!

TnD said...

It was so much fun. Let's do it again soon.

Durrant said...

Hi! So if it is the Fairfield Ohio I looked up on Mapquest it is 4 hrs from Cleveland where we are. Which means it could be totally different. But a few things would be the same probably. It is very hot and humid mid summer. Winter here is pretty cold but we have lake effect from Lake Erie. One hard thing to get used to is that a lot of things that you buy in the west aren't even available in ohio... they just don't sell it. Cleveland itself is a pretty depressed city so that is kinda hard (lots of crime and people are kinda hopelessly forever poor). But the trees are so big and beautiful and green and you will make friends in your ward. If it is a suburb of Columbus you will love it. Everyone I know loves Columbus. So, hopefully that was even a little helpfull! Good luck! If you are pretty close to Columbus maybe we would get to see each other sometime when we go for a temple trip. Congrats on the job offer!

Chelsee said...

Sounds like your Thanksgiving was lots of fun!
And I am glad that you are still loyal Aggie Fans...even if we did lose that game. Dang basketball team...

ljtalley said...

Oh that just makes my heart ach! I am so sad that we were not able to be there with you all! Thanksgiving just isn't the same! I guess I am glad you had so much fun though! Can't wait to see you in just a couple days!

Thatch came in when I was looking at your pics and he said that is my nice whale friend! He is so excited to see "his best frined Kaden"!

Louis said...

Which Cirque show did you see? I have been wanting to see one and would love suggestions. Also, as far as seats are concerned can I just get the cheapest seats or would they not be very good?

Durrant said...

About the housing market. Pretty much it is the same as most of the country.. meaning not the best if you are a seller, but great for buyers. However, if your house is great you will probably be fine. Out of 10 family that were on the market last year that were students like us only 3 haven't sold yet. And partially that is due to them not being willing to budge in their price. But depending on how long you are there the market should change. I really will know in 2 1/2 years when I try to sell my home I guess.

The Drysdale's said...

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