Monday, October 13, 2008

Avery's First Bath

Avery's First Bath

Here are a few more pictures of our sweet Avery. She got her first bath at Grandma Thatcher's House in the famous kitchen sink, now some mothers would never attempt to immerse their first born daughter in such filth. We figured she should just be inoculated to Thatcher germs right off the back.

She stopped screaming the second she hit the warm bath water, she does not like to be unwrapped from her burrito at any time. We are enjoying her sweet presence in our home, expect from 1 am- 6 am. I guess it is always good that we forget about how sleep deprived you become with a newborn.


Roe Family said...

cute family pic!!! And your looking to good for just having a baby!! LOL

Angie said...

K so Ms. Avery is BEAUTIFUL!!! But your new family picture is so cute...MaRea talk about one HOTT MAMMA....Kaden would say "hers not a mommy, hers a woman"

Robin said...

Hey this is Robin. I just started a blog and I found you! You are so beautiful! What a darling family and a precious new baby! It is soo fun to see your blog! Send me your email and I will invite you to mine.

bethadr said...

Wow MaRea you are STUNNING!!! Motherhood really suits you. Avery is beautiful! Congratulations...Beth

Lynette said...

what a cute family pic you have on your banner! Your lil Avery sooo very cute!

Cute cute family!

TnD said...

Did you use the fresh spring water or the tap water? If it was the fresh spring, that explains the screaming.

I read Nie