Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We have been slacking on blogging lately. I can't believe it's already September where did August go? We hiked Mount Timpanogos Cave on Labor Day. The weather was perfect for hiking in the high 70's. The whole hike takes about 4 hours so plan a Saturday to go and enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

Kaden made it about half way up, the Kelty backpack is a must have for anyone who enjoys hiking. It has made it possible for Kyle and I to still do what we love even with a kid.
This was at the opening of the Cave. The Cave takes about an hour to go through.

We tried to get some good photos of the cave but, non of them really turned out.

Dinosaur Museum

We have the largest Dinosaur museum in the world here in Utah. It's true I didn't believe it until we went. For the month of August they were having $2.00 Tuesdays so Lindsey, Melanie and I went with the kids. They loved seeing the big Dinosaurs .

They have a play area were the kids to to find fossils in the sand. The could have played in the sand for hours, but of course Kaden had to end the fun with throwing sand and other kids.

Kaden turned 3 years old!!! Where does the time fly? We had a Dinosaur birthday party for him.

The new baby is coming soon. We are hoping that she decides to turn the right way. My last visit my midwife tried to turn the baby, but she went right back to the same spot that she has been in the whole time seconds after the midwife tried to turn her. For right now the date is September 25th for the C-section, unless anything changes.

We are pretty set on the name Avery, but would love to find a name that we love more. Anyone who has any suggestions PLEASE send them our way. It 's so hard to find a name that you LOVE!!!


Chelsea said...

wait, why aren't you doing avery anymore? did you lose the coin toss w/ tashina? i still think both of you could name your girls avery. my friend cassie has jack on her short list, but we decided we'd just end up with a "jack d" and a "jack h" or whatever and sort it out. my cousin and i have the same first & middle names picked out for our first daughters, but we'll work through that, too.

The Drysdale's said...

Is the dinasour museum at thanksgiving point or the one in Ogden? Hiking at 9 months along you really are my hero. Thanks for posting I've been dying to hear what you were up to.

Melanie said...

You should name her Avery if you love it. Halle Hess?:) I love the name Halle but my sister in law(with the same last name) decided to use it so that is off my list. Thank you for inviting us to go to the dinosaur museum. It was fun!

Jenny said...

Slack on the blogging much... jk I don't know how you managed to go on such a long hike when your almost ready to have a baby - you are superwoman!! Its good to hear from you, any luck on the house selling? You'll have to get me your address so I can send you a baby gift... I guess I could just take it to your moms too tho.

Roe Family said...

Sounds like you've had a great summer? I hope everything works out well with the baby can't wait for pics. Avery is a super cute name!!

TnD said...

And then send the extra names to us, we are stumped. I do like Avery though. I can't wait to meet you little wee.

ashlee said...

i can't believe our babies are coming so soon!!! i think you guys do so much fun stuff-so adventurous:) call me soon!

ljtalley said...

It's about time you posted! What a fun place to take Kade and Jack! We miss you!!!

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