Friday, May 18, 2007

The Big Camp Out

Kyle and Kaden have been really excited about their big camp out. They went to the Daddy and son camp out, with our ward. There was a big pond that Kaden wanted to through rocks in all night. Kyle said that they roasted marshmallows and Kaden just wanted to play with them and spread them all over his clothes, he loved every minute of it. When it came time to go to bed Kyle said Kaden was pretty good he feel asleep on him, then Kaden did not wake up until 5:00. They got up and played in the dirt and water, then they ate a great breakfast and packed up and came home. I was so excited to hear everything that they did I could hardly wait to see the two cutest boys in the world!! I love that Kyle loves doing things with Kaden and gets so excited to do things just the two of them. He is such a wonderful daddy. I went to the scarest movie with a friend while they were gone, DO NOT go and see Distrubia especially when you have to sleeep alone.

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